We will have typically provided you with advice in the first instance which would have been through a Statement of Advice (SoA).

After implementing the recommendations made in the SoA you are taking steps towards reaching your financial goals and objectives. The recommendations made would have been based on where you are now in your life and your current goals and objectives.

However we know that changes in your personal situation, financial markets and legislation will occur over time. As your financial adviser, we will work together to review your portfolio and personal circumstances and ensure that you stay on track to achieve your goals and objectives.

A review of your position will occur at least on an annual basis and we will be available in between these formal review dates to answer any concerns or questions you may have regarding your portfolio or any other matters in which we may be able to assist.

At the review we will discuss the following:

  • Review your goals and objectives.
  • Review how you are tracking towards meeting your retirement goals.
  • Review the results of the strategy, product relevance and performance.
  • Update your present position and note any changes.
  • Discuss any amendments or changes required.
  • Review your comfort and satisfaction with our services.
  • Any other issues you wish to raise.

Our review process will consider re-balancing of your investments back to original asset allocations. Rebalancing is the process of realigning the allocations to each asset class back to those recommended in this SoA as well as discussing your continuing future plans, goals and objectives.

A huge understated or underestimated part of financial planning is the implementation phase better known as administering or boring paperwork, if we were not to undertake the administering of the advice we provide which is not just about setting up investments or insurance but also just strategy recommendations then a lot of the time they would not get done. Therefore when we do make recommendations to our clients however big or small they will happen (so long as you agree of course).

Core Service Entitlements We Provide
Access to us We as your Financial Advisers are available to provide you with:

  • A long term partnership to assist you in achieving your financial goals and objectives
  • Additional advice requirements
  • Peace of mind
Review of your financial plan To ensure your financial plan remains relevant we will provide:

  • Up to one review appointment per annum
  • Half yearly Investment portfolio review reports available
  • Personalised portfolio selection and/or access to our Model Portfolio Service
  • Monitor and review of your investment objectives and risk profile
  • Review and assess your insurance requirements
  • Discuss your cash-flow requirements including reviewing pension payments
  • Ongoing review process ensuring the strategies and products you have remain competitively appropriate
  • Adjustments in line with legislative and economic changes
Investment portfolio monitoring Proactive Investment Management:

  • We actively monitor the investments, fund managers and model portfolios regularly and implement any necessary changes
  • Rebalancing portfolios to ensure your portfolio remains aligned to your risk profile
Administration Access to Vista’s administration services:

  • Processing investment transactions and insurance applications and amendments
  • Responding to client requests
  • Maintaining detailed records of your Superannuation, investments and insurances via secure and compliant processes
  • Insurance claims assistance
Communicating with your other Professional Advisers Liaise with your professional partners as required:

  • We are available to work with your Accountant and/or Solicitor as required.
  • Provide EOFY taxation documents if required
Financial market information To ensure you are kept up to date we provide:

  • Invitations to seminars
  • Regular market updates
  • Newsletter and articles via email

The objectives of your ongoing advice and service

Appropriate advice

Have your circumstances changed? Building and maintaining wealth is an ‘ongoing journey’.

Keeping you informed

Are you progressing towards achieving your goals? What advice do you need to stay on track?


To work in partnership with you so as to achieve your agreed goals and objectives.

Feeling of comfort

Through education, appropriate advice and partnership, our ongoing advice keeps you on track.

Ongoing support

The completion and implementation of your statement of advice can be just the beginning of our support and guidance. The key to the success of our advice is the ongoing support available through us should you need it.

Our service has a number of components and gives you the opportunity to discuss any changes to your lifestyle and financial needs as and when they happen.


Our fees typically range between 0.55% - 1% p.a and can generally be paid either directly or from your super/investment account.

If you would like a chat about becoming an ongoing client of Vista then please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss.