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      Thanks for taking the time to pen this excellent post, it is exactly the kind of insight I was looking for. I am a little organisation crazy unfortunately, and I like to spreadsheet outlay, expenditure etc so I know what is coming and going in advance. A bit geekish I know but there you go.

      Luckily we're going to be avoiding a mortgage and the company will be paying for my car which is good as they look like crippling expenses! Our motivation to move is borne out of seeking a better environment for my children to grow up, and a lifestyle change for me, so it can't come soon enough (i.e. before this job kills me!!). Cost of living comparisons doesnt really come into it, but forewarned is forearmed as they say, and your post has provided some great insight.

      Now, where are those golf clubs.....................

      All the best,

      lol i know where you are coming from with the spreadsheet thing - i do the same thing
      you are right that the cost of living shouldnt really influence your decision - but you have to be able to survive financially and as you said - forewarned is forarmed!

      lol at the golfclubs - you will have to give my OH a shout when you get here he would love to have an excuse to go golfing!:)

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      Quote Originally Posted by katsmajic View Post
      That was a really good post Adele.

      Thanks kat
      how are things with you? missed you at the last BE meet

      Adele x

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      Just a quick one on typing replies and losing them.

      Type your reply in Notepad, get it right and then copy and paste into the forum. That way, if the forum mucks up and you lose it, pop back to notepad and paste it in again.

      I do this because I have suffered before


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