Hi Peeps

looking for some advice reguarding tax returns, we arrived in adelaide on 30th april and hubby didnt start work til 2nd june (i think thats correct date) not long anyway hes had 4 pay days since arriving, hes a electrician and had to buy all new gear when we arrived and pay for courses to help gain his licence, now thing is having only been working a short while, do you think its worth paying a accountant to do his tax return?? does his uk wages before comin out have to be included on his tax return??
Also i work from home for a uk company and upto now am still paying tax in the uk, so my tax return should be pretty straightforward i guess??
I just dont know if its worth paying a accountant twice for both our tax returns if its gonna be pretty easy to do ourselves with us both only having done a months work in the australian tax year??

hes got a appointment tonight to see one accountant but would have preffered one who could have popped in to us at home, like we always did in the uk, much easier when you have kids etc etc so if anyone has any recommendations or if theres any registered on the forum and has time, please feel free to pm me

Thanks in advance for any advice

Dawn x