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      how much will I need?


      Can anyone who's made the move out already give me any idea how much money I will need to bring to get started?
      I will need to rent somewhere (cheap!) for me and my son (16 - so I think I have to pay for his education as I'm waiting for a temporary SIR 495 visa?)
      I'm going it alone with no job offer.....
      No medicare...
      Doesn't sound such a good idea now when you see it in black & white!! :lol:


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      It depends on wether you rent or buy, ship your belongings etc etc.

      If your son is 16 and going to do years 11 and 12 here you do not pay for education, only the school year payment approx $500 for high school.
      You are covered by medicare by the reciprical agreement.

      good luck

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      Hi Liz.
      Thanks for that. Do you know where I can find info on the reciprocal health care ? I'm having trouble finding out exactly what we're covered for?
      I will be renting (2 beds) and not shipping very much out - What are the second hand shops like out there? Do they do car boot sales!!?
      And living very carefully for a while!!
      I was hoping to get away with bringing about $16,ooo and estimated this would last us approx. 6 months. (I have assests I can draw from if need be- but hope not to)
      My son will be doing year 12 and hopes to get a part time job.
      Is this sum realistic?
      I am hopng to teach but will do any sort of work until registration comes through, just to keep us going.

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      Hi Dotty,

      Yeah you will be fine 16000 GBP is about $37000.

      reliable second hand car $8-10,000 Cheap furniture, bedding, electrical etc all you need for 2 bed you should be able to pick up for less than $10000.

      That leaves you about $17000 to live on until you get a job, which hopefully won't be too long after you arrive.
      Your son will pick up part time work no problems.

      Good luck



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