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      Smile Commonwealth Bank

      I am just posting this thread to introduce myself, as a migrant myself I understand how stressful the whole process can be. I moved to Adelaide with my family 4 years ago and have settled into life very nicely.

      I am currenltly working for the Commonwealth Bank in the city and I am the Migrant banker. In short this means that I deal only with migrants arriving in Adelaide.
      I was first a customer of the Commonwealth due to the the level of service and ease of being able to open an account in London and Australia. I have since commenced employment with them and for the past year worked with only Migrants.
      I am the one point of contact so there is no confusion in who is dealing with you.
      So if there is anyone looking for information on banking please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, bearing in mind I can only really answer questions about CBA as I have only ever banked/worked with them.
      Even those that may not be going to bank with CBA I will still try and answer any generic banking questions. :D

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      Hi Morag, nice to see you on here,we are a bit more awake now than when we saw you at 9.30am in October, the morning after we landed.
      Laura x

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      Hi Laura, just thought it wasa about time.....I keeping hearing all good things about this site.
      How is everything going anyway?

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      Hi Morag, I never did get to meet you, because I went to my local branch and they sorted every thing out for me there.

      But I do have a question please, I know you have an $8.00 charge for paying in a sterling cheque (kids had a birthday cheque when we first arrived) but does this depend on the amount paid in, for a high value cheque would it be more?

      Hope that makes sense!!

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      Hey Morag,

      no banking questions from me but if you have any jobs going give us a shout!!!!!! 10 years customer service experience in the travel industry!!!!!

      ach well if you dont ask you dont get eh?!?!?! cant get a job for love nor money unfortunately.

      ps welcome to pia :)
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      HI Morag, i keep telling everyone how wonderfull you are !!


      Mik, or is that Rob? LOL

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      welcome morag nice to see you on board. come to a meet up and meet some wonderful brits , scots , welsh , irish the whole lot and have a great time.

      mark sue & ciara

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      Hi Guys

      I can definitely recommend Morag - we went to see her on our reccie in November and she was a great help

      Morag - we will be in to see you again in June as we have now booked our one way flights for 3rd June.

      Hayley & Gareth :D
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      Dave & Carole
      HI Morag

      Like you we chose CBA as they were the most helpful when we first started enquiring. Have now sent some of our money out - to get the best of exchange rates & Oz interest rates compared to rubbish ones here. We hope we'll be out to see you soon - to sort out further - not to have an expensive holiday getting our money back if our visas never materialise!

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      Hi Morag,

      What a lovely offer to all PIA members. We will be asking lots of questions, I am sure, in due course.

      Thanks again
      Trevor, Alison, Tom, George Skills Assessed: 3.4.08
      Skills approved: 19.5.08 SA Government Sponsorship sent: 16.6.08 SA sponsorship received: 21.7.08 475 Visa application submitted online: 22.7.08 Medicals booked for: 20.2.08 Medicals received in Sydney: 9.3.09 475 Visa granted 1.4.09 Flights booked for 5.9.09 via Sydney, then Canberra stop and onto Adelaide
      Arrived Adelaide 23.9.09 and luvin it!!


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