• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Of course the house won't be so important as in Aus you will be outdoors too much to notice.

      We need at least 4 beds as we have 3 children who need their own space!

      The kids have also requested a pool and enough space for a pool table, I have told them that in Aus they must all get jobs so pay the mortage! The 2 year old seems reluctant but I am sure I can talk her round!


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      Ahh the two year old... i remember that age and how wonderfully enthusiastic they were..! mind you our Aaron is 8 and still keen (well at least if there is a sweetie involved.) Other than that i've told Fiona she's on the street.....;) But hey your right enough if it ain't raining then ye ain't inside.... those are the rules here so those are the rules there... i can't stand the playstation on all day. We do need three beds aswell but iv'e seen some nice looking older places ( probably in snakes gully or something!!!) but i'm pretty handy and i like a good project so if it's run down thats fine too. stu.:D

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      $400 thousand ,$500 thousand, $700 thousand, s**t these must be some pads your all looking at? way outa my price range. i thought houses were cheaper there? mind you we're just happy with a smaller place and a little mortgage, we'll probably only have $200 grand to start off with....!i don't know is the house so important..? Stu

      Don't worry Stu there are places still around for $250K for 3 beds. Prices are starting to go up here and the average price now seems to be around the $300-$350K mark.

      We are pricing up land and build options. We looked at some land on The Point for $150 and house for $150 ish depending on the extras - that is for a 1100 sqm plot and a 4 bed house with study :o pool will have to wait ;)


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      G'day there,

      Tricky issue!

      I'd say a general rule is that "offers over" for a sale (eg, private contract, not bidding in auction) means a moderate amount over the asking price.

      It's usually at the auctions when a house advertised as "over $240 000" (eg) can go for a lot more, eg around $320 000. I think most people are very sceptical when they see any price for an auction - prices for houses that are simply for sale are usually a lot more accurate and trustworthy.

      Another thing that might help is (I'm not sure about other realestate sites) but on www.realestate.com.au when you are looking at a house, somewhere down the bottom of the page you can click onto a link which will show you other houses sold recently in the same area. Some of these houses will have sale prices to give you an indication of what the general price in the suburb is.
      Hope this helps.



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