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from what i have digested re the sir 495 visa the conditions of purchase - you need to get some approval which my e state agent contact assures us is a formality and then basically you can purchase either new build or from an existing australian citizen - in other words you wouldnt be able to purchase a house from an immigrant who has not australian citizenship

i think - as always stand to be corrected - you cannot purchase another property unless that second property is indeed a new build..........................im not sure if you need pr status before that

ill be happy to purchase a shed given the current exchange rate which is gonna be down big time when the next ineviteable interest rate hikes are fetched in - least we sold the house before the gloom appears to be setting in - i would hedge my bets s.a. is going to play catch up with w.a. in the next 3 years given the flood of migrants and cash buyers - good investment if you ask me but therein lies the speculate to accumulate theory - some u win some u end up playing golf

Im leaning towards buying an investment property as its regional status ensures plenty of migrants and i have read several reports that Australian investors are starting to buy in Adelaide as they believe it to be the next big thing for this reason, hope it waits untill I get there.