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      Nice areas to live near to Flinders Hospital


      Can anybody tell me the nicest areas and areas to avoid close to Flinders Hospital?
      Also why are they nice or not nice.

      I have just secured a nursing job there and we are hopefully relocating in January 2010. Any help would be appreciated.


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      Hi :)

      My husband has just got a job at Flinders uni so we are moving over in sept. We have had loads of advice about the areas and it vry much depends on what you ar looking for in an area. No one has told me anything about bad areas near the uni ...there might well be some but I dont know of them so far!

      If its beach living you want then the aras of marino and hallett cove ar lovely and still very reasonable areas to rent in (we found that other beach areas that are closer can be a good $100 a week difference in rent). Marion seems like a nice area if you want to be close to shops, etc.

      We used google earth to figure out what areas were near etc and have settled on the coast from brighton down to hallett cove.

      Good luck!

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      I work at Flinders Uni just next to the Hospital and we live in Eden Hills. Its a lovely area and only a 10 min at the most drive. Eden Hills is a nice leafy suburb and nice and quiet yet only 15 mins to the big Marion Shopping Mal and about 20 mins to Brighton the nearest beach. You also have Blackwood on your doorstep which is good for every day shopping, there are 3 supermarkets there and my kids go to the Blackwood primary and Blackwood High schools whidh I would recommend. Other areas which are nice and close by are Bellvue Heights, Blackwood, Flagstaff Hill and many others. If you want to know anymore info feel free to PM me and good luck! We have been here about 20 months now, we love it though I do still get homesick, Gina

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      Its me again! I have just realised you are from Cheshire, whereabouts? I am from Chester originally, Gina


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