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      Does anyone know what Parafield Gardens is like?

      Moving to adelaide in september and one of the areas I have been recommended is Parafield Gardens. I was wondering if anyone live in or around this area could give me an idea of what the area is like?

      Darren, Janine, Connor (8) and Melody (5)

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      Parafield Gdns is in the north of the city area - closer to Salisbury (town just north of Adelaide). Slightly more industrial area and higher density living. There is a new development just south of it called Mawson Lakes which is quite popular.
      If you choose this area you won't be close to the beach but you will have good access for the Barossa
      Lots of people on this site live south of the city - including us - so it's a bit difficult to comment when you don't live in the area

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      Rob and Clare
      Hi Janine,

      Parafield Gardens a good area, I don't know it all extensively but when we arrived I played soccer for Parafield Gardens and obvioulsy went drinking in the clubouse and a nearby pub. The parts I went through were very well maintained and many of the plots were of a large size, and it offers good value for money considering it's location, only 15 mins to the city by train, 15 mins to the beach at Semaphore, and 45 mins to the Barossa. I personally didn't like the shopping centre near there called Hollywood Plaza, but only went there once so I don't have a strong opinion, but there are other choices nearby at Salisbury Town Centre, Mawson Lakes, Golden Grove Village, and larger shopping centres at Tea Tree Gully and Elizabeth.

      Also if you wanted a new build property then there is a lot of new land available (not quite as high density as suggested) in Parafield Gardens, and further north near Waterloo Corner.

      If you think you'll be working around this area and the average price for parafield gardens is approx $300,000 fits in with your budget then it'll be perfect. Within a simlar budget there are other options like Salisbury East, Para Hills or Ingle Farm.

      Good luck.

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      We live further north than Parafield Gardens just outside of Adelaide, I'm not sure what Parafield Gardens is like but most areas are nice with only 1 or 2 exceptions where I personally would not want to live but everyone is different. I know Parafield Gardens is on the train line to the City so easy for work in the CBD. Close to Elizabeth shopping centre that has a good range of shops as well as an aquadome and cinema.
      If you need to know anything more about the North give us a shout, we have only been here 8 weeks so don't know a great deal but happy to share with you what we know.


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