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      suburbs north or south

      With so much development going on in North Adelaide, would this be a good place to invest, especially around the docks area (we have heard that the northern suburbs can be quite rough) can anyone lend an advice?
      We are hoping to come out with around 400-500k aud, is this enough ?

      Chris & Louise

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      I did just write a long reply to this but it is difficuklt subject IMHO on an open forum...so I think the best thing to say is look for yourself, when yoiu come. What you have in your mind might not be what you settle for. I picked a sub but didnt like it when I got there. Thank god it was only for 4 months!!!

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      There is tons of developement both north and south at the moment so plenty of good places to invest. Have a good look around when you get here and yes $400-$500K would be enough to get a good property in most suburbs :)


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      We picked up some brochures today regarding building our own house. You know, you can build a 4 bed house for as little as $140,000, thats without purchasing the land though. I think with your amount of money, you'll be able to have a huge choice of houses, whether you self build or not.
      Good luck guys
      Judi x

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      Hi Louise Hannah,

      I personally think inner northern suburbs (probably not as far out as Elizabeth) would be a great place to invest/live. I say this because there is so much infrastructure being built out north and so many more people are moving there because of the growing services and affordability. There are still many houses available for around the $300 000 mark, and I mean good sized, comfortable houses (eg 4 bedrooms, 750 square metres, nice street).

      When you say you have heard the northern suburbs can be quite rough : that's quite a political statement! I personally have some worries about some of the far northern suburbs where crime is quite often reported. However a lot of new shops and schools are being built around there so maybe it'll get better.

      You did talk about the "docks" area - I assume you mean Port Adelaide? (Adelaide's largest docking and shipping port years and years ago). Port Adelaide and surrounding suburbs (Glanville, Exeter, Semaphore, Outer Harbour, Taperoo, so on) are booming at the moment - lots of development like I mentioned above, but also lots of new jobs being created with construction, defence force bases and education. I love these suburbs. Port Adelaide is just fantastic - lots of rustic little windy streets with big warehouses and apartments. There are some safe beaches nearby and the port itself is quite scenic. It is all still so affordable but I predict heavily rising prices in the next few years.

      Hopefully this helps you.

      You can always look up the council regions (shires, countys) for the areas you are interested in to find out more information about housing, infrastructure, etc.


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      Port Adelaide, is classed as western suburbs and the western suburbs are going up in price at a rapid rate. We bought our beach front pad in april and our friend that works for bank sa said we have got a good buy. Of course there are loads of houses cheaper in these areas which will be going up in value. If u want to see your property go up and be next to one of adelaides family beaches west is a great place to buy and close to the city as well. Good western suburbs are semaphore, largs bay, largs north, north haven, port adelaide has the new developments being built now.
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