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      What can i get for $250,000 ?

      Im considering moving to Adelaide at the end of 2007 start of 2008, trying to find a property around 250k ,only looking for 2 or 3 bed property in a decentish area...

      Is this gonna be possible ? I dont expect to be in Millionaires row but likewise i dont wanna be with all the bogans too :D

      any info gratefully recveived


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      There are plenty of units for under 250, which are a small 2 bed, normally in a set of 6, small lounge, kitchen and sometimes a shared laundry.

      However, if you register with every estate agent going and watch realestate.com.au every day, some cheap 3 bedroom houses that normally need some TLC get put on the market for $250,000. They do normally sell very quickly and never normally need to advertise an open as agents will know the people wanting to buy the cheaper properties.

      The buyers for my mums house have a property in Happy Valley that they are selling cheap at $250,000 as they are committed to buy my mums place and need a quick sale. Happy Valley is a nice area and very popular at the moment.

      Prob best to look for a house rather than a unit just because of the return in investment and the way that house prices are at the moment, you are definatley going to make a profit in the near future.

      My two penneth worth anyway...!

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      Hi there
      I would second the comment already made, but if you are not moving here until end of 2007 or early 2008, the way the property market is here, anything could happen. At present, I would say the market is fairly aggressive because there is not very much for sale because it is early spring and a lot of vendors are waiting for summer to sell - the photos are taken when the sun is shining and they think they will get a better price for things. I know this because a good pal is a real estator and funnily enough we were talking about the "market" last night!!!
      I would reccommend that you research your areas before coming here - there are lots of great places to live all over Adelaide but look for what is right for you, your family, your work and so on.
      You may want to consider house and land packages (building a new home which may take up to 1 year) and you can do this in the southern suberbs for about that amount.
      If you need any further help - just ask away ...
      All the best for now

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      WHAT burbs in the South have land & build packages for $250 ? and any info on the builders ie websites wld be helpful ...thanks

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      I'd be curious to know as well!!

      Probably Seaford which is quite far out for me, depends on what you are after but a night out in the city from seaford would be an expensive evening!

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      Seaford isn't too far out Lisa ?? I live in Seaford Rise and worked in Munno Para yesterday and Salisbury today.Its a bit of a drive but at the right time of day its only an hour each way.( not perfection i know )
      Its not the suburbs you should be looking at for a newbuild at that price as the builders cost is the same everywhere its all down to the size and cost of the land.

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      I'm not calling Seaford as too far out for everyone, for families I think its brilliant but Hallett Cove seemed too far away from the City for me, I live near Aberfoyle Park and getting to the city from there takes me 40 minutes and Seaford is at least another 30 mins past me. It all just depends what you want.

      In the UK I drove an hour each way every day to work Manchester way to Preston which doesn't bother me I was only worried when I got here about getting taxi's and accessibility to be out and about.


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      I think you've been to my place after a nice drive all around Seaford Rise ???;)

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      Ha ha - I know who you are now!!!!
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      I think I'm tailing Patch today as its the 2nd post I've agreed with her!!

      Recent tennants of mine have just bought a land package in Seaford. It is an up and coming area and development is high.

      There's an ad in this weeks Messenger for weeks & macklin homes. They say you can buy land and house packages for $199,950

      This is their website.


      Judi x
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