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      Stella and Dave

      Para Vista

      Hi folks
      We have just secured OAA in Para Vista, could anyone give us any information on what its like there, e.g. are there local shops for bread and milk etc, whats public transport like? Any pointers would be very useful.
      Many thanks, Stella

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      You will be close to main north road, direct route into the city.

      Shops and things will be located closely, if you have a hire car, or buy a car you will find things in easy reach.

      You may get buzzed by the small planes, but OAA is not permanent so enjoy and discover the area.
      TTP not far away, Golden grove centre just over the hill, gepps cross down the road, and the beach must be 25 mins away once you find sailsbury highway and hit semaphore.


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      Stella and Dave
      Thank you for the information, I must ask though whats TTP and Gepps. I must get used to this lingo! Thanks Stel

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      TTP is Tea Tree Plaza a large shopping mall to the North of the City all your major stores, Coles, Woolworths, Myers plus things like hairdressers, pet shop, butchery, fresh produce.

      I dont know too much about Gepps Cross other than it is there - an area/suburb if you like of Adelaide

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      TTP is Tea Tree Plaza - a large indoor shopping mall with everything you could possibly need - food, clothes, furniture, cinema, cafes, food court, shoe repairs, Target (bit like the old UK Woolwrths used to be!), Coles and Woolworths (food shops), book shops, could go on and on.... Opposite TTP is the fantastic library (with a very nice cafe) for books, papers, cds, dvds, free internet use, toy library if you have kids, etc etc, and just up the road from there is a big outdoor swimming pool complex (Waterworld) open from October onwards.

      Gepps Cross is basically a big road junction between the Grand Junction Road (running east to west) the Main North Road (north to south) and Port Wakefield Road (running - god knows where! Port Wakefield I guess!!) So it means that just about everywhere is easy enough to get to (unless you want to go to Aldinga or somewhere way south I guess). There is a recently opened big out of town shopping type place there - household goods, furniture, all those types of big stores. Plus in and around that area are a lot of employers of all sorts - depending what line of work you're in, but loads of companies round there, always seem to be looking for people in both industrial and admin lines.

      Hope that helps.


      PS There's bound to be local shops too for bread and milk and stuff, just about all the suburbs have their own little deli (equiv of a UK corner shop) and the petrol stations also sell that sort of stuff. There is also a huge bottle shop (off license) just by the aforementioned airport that I'm reliably informed is one of the best around! Oh, and just remembered Mawson Lakes very near for technology type jobs, and a nice shopping centre there too, and Golden Grove is kind of like TTP but on a slightly smaller scale!
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      nurse sue
      a good way of seeing what your area is like is to put your address in google earth, then whizz around and you can see on the ground whats where ...
      I dont the area you are in very well as im not over there yet, but we have a reli who lives there and they think its ace :D

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      Stella and Dave
      Thanks you have all been so helpful. x


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