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      one month rental - can it be done?

      Hi everyone,

      My husband and I are coming over for a reccie in feb and mar of 2010 and am looking for a rental in an area we might buy in for the future...

      We are happy to live on the outskirts and a a mid twenty's couple with no kids (so far)
      Not sure of where to go really to look or if we would be able to get a short stay rental for that short a time...

      Have had a look at a couple of other threads and noted North East, Adelaide Hills, Norwood

      will be popping over to NZ to wellington to visit some friends so won't be there the whole time but thought it was best to rent for a complete month...

      background info:
      we are looking to come over 2012 at the latest i think or at the very latest 2013...
      planning starts now though


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      For the areas you're looking at the best bet is to get in touch with Donna Jacobs - http://www.realestateowners.net.au/s...&Submit=search - she's the best one I know to have properties in central areas, a lot of the furnished properties tend to be quite a long way out of town, but I know Donna has a place in Mawson Lakes which would be ideal locationwise. There really isn't a lot around for short term rent in the NOrth East - you may be lucky and find somewhere either at Mawson Lakes or perhaps Newport Quays out by Port Adelaide. Failing that, Glenelg isn't a bad place to base yourself - lots going on and not too far out of town.
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