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      Fire risk

      Hi,looking at poss moving to adelaide hills but very concerned about bush fire risk.Are there some areas that are a much lower risk?If not the hills poss move to Willunga is this a nice area, I have had a look and doesn't seem to be much real estate there.Your comments are welcomed.

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      Anywhere with a fair density of trees is a risk I'm afraid.
      I'd look at an area and consider how many escape routes there are - take Clarendon - one road in - one road out.Not heavily wooded but I'd not like to be there if a fire was nearby.
      Too many people have easily forgotten Ash Wednesday of 83.

      If you are slightly uneasy about a place now it may be better not to live there.
      It's OK to get used to the risk but look what happened in Victoria.
      I've watched a couple of fires to back of us here in Onkaparinga Hills and it is scary.

      Try popping into the local CFS stations in the areas you are considering,they will probably be able to give you some sort of risk assessment.
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      Thanks for your reply,It's very helpful.Obviously we really need to be over there to check it out. I said to my husband maybe it's Willunga then.Although I am concerned if it's too near Maclaren Vale and THE WASPS!!!!! .Nowhere is perfect.

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      Not sure about the wasps in McLaren Vale I lived there for 11 years and never found them a problem. Both areas are nice, have good primary schools Willunga has a great farmers market every Saturday morning, but does not have a large supermarket (but has lots of small local shops-and plenty of cafe's and 3 pubs!!) as to the bush fires as Tyke said any area where there are trees/scrub are a risk. I love this area as it is so close to some fantastic beaches and also some great wineries!! Public transport is not available as often as if you lived in Seaford or Moana, but there is a new train line being built over the next few years which at the moment will go as far as Seaford, but with plenty of parking and I'm assuming more bus links to the outer areas. Good luck with your journey.


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