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      Carolynn B

      Question Where to live with kids?!!

      Looking at a map of Adelaide is no good... I need help! We have two children aged 4 and 18 months and ideally want to live close to a good school, local shops, play area and swimming pool. My sister recommended Henley Beach but only if I win the lottery eh?!! I'm not bothered about living close to the beach as I don't tend to visit the one I live near now (sunny Cornwall!). We are not going to be able to afford two cars so I need to live somewhere that I can walk to just about every place I need. We wouldn't want to be paying more than $500,000 so any recommendations for good areas would be valuable. If the area also happened to have a "child friendly" church (we are methodist) that would be an additional bonus.

      Free Cornish pasty to who ever comes up with the best idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but you'll have to come and get it!!)

      Carolynn B

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      This is so difficult, one mans meat is another mans poison and all that.
      There are so many areas you could choose, much of it depends how far away from CBD you can be job wise. For my part we have bought in Moana, I'm a born again southerner;). I know Seaford Rise is a nice area and it has alot of green spaces and a primary school, also reasonable house prices. One of the more inland areas we looked at was Flagstaff Hill ( some great views) but I'm a beach girl at heart so it wasn't for us. My advice is get on realestate.com.au ( sorry can't do links) and have a good look at whats about. Happy hunting!


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      I think you will do best to look when you get here, as Jen before said ones mans poison.....
      I will say though, you might want to think about learning to drive here, the distances are greater than in the UK, even though it only takes 5 mins to drive somewhere the road is more direct and you can cover more Ks in a short time, something that still amazes me after 18mths here I still dont understand how if we have to drive so slow!
      There are lots of lovely places here that would cover all of you needs, there are also loads of churches so I am sure you will find what you are lookin for. It is called the "City of Churches"
      good luck with your search

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      second what other have said really. Most suburbs have shops, churches, schools etc and you can walk to them but in the HOT, HOT heat of the summer you will not be doing that. When we first arrived last June, I walked to a playgroup - not that far, only 15-20 mins and all the other mums there laughed at me and said, you will not be walking here in the summer due to the humidity and heat and how right they were.
      The money you are bringing over, will give you a very wide search, so best advice is have a look on the websites, see what you think you like, but leave the BIG decisions until you get here because it all looks very different once you are here.
      Good luck!


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