• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Summerhill Rentals

      Hi, does anybody have experience of Summerhill Rentals? Rachel

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      Hi rachel
      just t0 let y0u kn0w i was the first family t00 stay in 0ne 0f there h0liday rentals and we were s0 pleased as it was just beautiful and the 0wner is called elaine she was just fantastic she s0 made us feel at h0me, the h0use is a fantastic size with beautiful gardens and they had b0ught a nice pati0 table chairs and bbq which was just what we needed als0 there was n0t 0ne thing we needed when we arrived as elaine had th0ught 0f every thing even d0wn t0 bags f0r when y0u g0 sh0pping l0l h0nest all y0u need is ya cl0thes.
      We l0ved it that much we were here t0 live and we have b0ught a pl0t 0f land 0n the same new estate s0 we are just building 0n there n0w as it has every thing park ,sh0ps beach 2mins in the car. If y0u want t0 kn0w any m0re just send me a message and i will give y0u my tel number. But we were s0 lucky t0 have g0t such a nice place as we kn0w n0thing ab0ut where t0 g0 and elain gave us all the inf0 we needed and kept int0uch if we needed any thing. S0 h0pe i have answered all y0ur questi0ns and h0pe y0u have a nice h0liday thanks shell x s0rry i am fr0m uk blackp00l x


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