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      Quote Originally Posted by dglamoore View Post
      It is such a beautiful area but shuch a shame it may be rezoned and turned into yet another housing estate sold off to developers

      With any luck the residents fight will not be in vain and it will stay as beautiful as it is - if this goes through which will be the next rural area to be ripped apart? It is a shame as one of our dreams was a large block for our house and now the plots are all being split so you are left with tiny or non existant gardens once your house is on

      You are wrong in suggesting that the area is to be rezoned Lisa.
      At the moment the urban boundaries are to be extended in line with the government's long term plans.
      After attending several council meetings I have a clear idea of what is going on plus I happen to know a town planner who made a presentation to local residents here at our house last week.It is a foregone conclusion that the boundaries will move talking to state officials as well.

      Stage 2 may be rezoning in a few years after the Urban Boundary has moved.In the area we live in all 15 landholders are either in support of the urban boundary change and possible rezoning or at least not in opposition.I don't understand where you found out that residents are opposed to this change in this area.

      At council meetings there has been strong opposition to the Bowring Hill area and rightly so.It is a totally undeveloped area (back of Aldinga) with no infrastructure whatever.There are also environmental concerns which were strongly voiced.As I don't know that area that well and don't live there I cannot comment too much upon it.

      I have spoken to the local council,the state government and the Lady Mayoress regarding this,along with several other local residents who are more in the know than me.We have suggested that Bowring Hill is to be considered as a separate issue to the Hackham boundary change.This met with much approval by all concerned with no opposition.

      Our proposals have been for blocks to be divided down to no less than 750m if or when rezoning and development can take place.900m may make the blocks too expensive and one reason for the urban boundary change is to eventually free up more land for development that is affordable.The local council suggested "Infilling and building up" in the existing areas - which is a joke.Denser population can lead to higher crime rates and social problems.
      Many residents are wanting to subdivide so they can give their kids land so they can afford to build.Something I applaud wholeheartedly.

      Any land we live on in this country has been "Developed"

      Have a look at this site if it really does interest you, it does contain all relevant details.Interesting to see a lot more land is to be included in the new boundary in the north.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      I don't understand where you found out that residents are opposed to this change in this area.
      From the Messenger and know someone in the area that has signed a petition from local residents opposing it.

      Although being realistic I will be very surprised if people 'give the land to their kids' - more likely sell to developers to sub divide and run with their cash but horses for courses and all that :D It is lovely and rural but my point is it will not remain so if hundreds of new homes pop up where lovely views are at the mo - only my personal view but there you go :o



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