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      christine ,david

      backpackers with out backpack

      hi we are moving to the glenelg area and have a few questions
      what does the parking mean 1p/2p/3p
      what are the schools like age 13
      average house prices any one selling with pool and all bits etc
      facilities for the teenagers

      so many questions but this is the start

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      1p/2p/3p are just the hours you are allowed to park there. 1 hour, 2 hours etc.

      Here the aussies say, "a park" meaning a space to park your car in, so a 2p will be a 2 hour park only.

      J x

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      christine ,david
      thanks things are a bit clearer now .we dont have these in leeds .

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      Schools In Glenelg Are Reputably Good!!

      Brighton Primary,glenelg ,sacred Heart In Sommerton Park, Merry Mount(girls),are All Very Good Schools!!

      Hose Prices Are Quite High You Won`t Get Much For $650,000.00

      The Houses Are Older But I Love It There And Would Love To Move Down There One Day!!!

      Lots Of Character And Everything Is So Close By!!
      One Drawback And I`m Only Being Honest Is It Is Known For Crime As It Is Getting Very Populated And There Is So Many Restaurants/pubs Close By!!

      Good Luck


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      christine ,david
      hi thanks for info
      which ones the high school?
      when you say a lot of crime what like
      are any other areas better nr coast

      second option modbury heights

      any thoughts
      any thing for teenagers

      david and christine

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      wow big difference between Modbury Heights and Glenelg

      Glenelg is lovely to visit and pricey to buy property in. Does have a bit of a 'young couples' area due to the bars etc :D

      Not been to Modbury Heights but do remember hearing a lot of negative stuff on the area but could not say first hand how bad it actually is. Chris (the driving instructor guy) on here used to live in the northern suburbs so may be worth pm'ing him for advice on this one :)

      Are you in Adelaide or are these just areas you like the sound of from the uk?


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      Sacred Heart College,Brighton High School!!

      By Crime I Mean You Do Hear About Breakins, In The Very Close Streets Just Behind The Main Street(jetty Rd) I Think This Is Drunken Stupour Basically But You Do Want Honesty!!!

      Sommerton Park The Next Suburb South , Brighton The Next, Seacliff The Next And So On!!!

      These Are Lovely And Right On The Coast Also And Not So Close To Jetty Road The Main Street!!!

      Hope This Helps!!

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      Oops Forgot Modbury!!

      Don`t Really Know Much As Have Allways Been South And Like The Coast Too Much!!

      It`s A Long Way North Though!!!!!!

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      christine ,david
      we will be arriving on the 19 october in adelaide and are staying in glenelg .we visited in febuary and visted several places .
      years ago used to go to modbury school im going down memory lane and rembering the good things cant remember any bad.hope to meet poms in glenelg

      thanks for the info we will give sommerton park a look at arriving 19 october lock stock and two stroppie teenagers 13
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