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      Area Advice - happy valley and aberfoyle

      hi all,
      when i eventually get to live in adelaide i would like to live somewhere like "aberfoyle park" or "happy valley" areas, i would like to know about things like shops, transport links, and so on in these areas. can anybody post thier thoughts about these areas, good and bad please :D. all info welcome.

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      Both are good ,decent suburbs.
      Leafy and established with not too much new building going on.Houses range in age from 70's/80's and some 90's with a little newer infill's.

      Facilities are good with most recreational and shopping catered for.
      The area is not too far from the Westfield Shopping Centre at Marion and still an easy drive to the local beaches.
      Most schools seem good from what I hear but they are becoming a little full now.I hear that the Catchment area system is used now.

      2 of our past guests have moved there and are very happy.It does seem to be a popular area for new arrivals.

      Motleyman and Sparklycat who post here live up that way :D

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      Love It Love It Love It Love It !!!!!!

      Been Here For 8 Years Now And Love It!!

      Bird Life Is Fab, Shopping So Central,Beaches Close By!!!

      Great Suburb To Live In !!

      No Snob Factor Either Just Regular Everyday People Who Take Care And Have Pride With There Houses!!!

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      Hi Paul

      We rented in Happy Valley for 6 months when we first arrived and loved it. We decided quite early on that we wanted to build and there was not very much land to be had there, so had to look at other areas - hence now building elsewhere.

      All the local amentities in Happy Valley are good, but also you have a good selection around you too.

      Can't really help with Aberfoyle because we always get lost when we drive around there!!!!

      Good luck

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      Hi Paul,

      Happy Valley is a lovely family area. We stayed with friends of ours there for awhile and loved how peaceful it was.
      Everyone who's posted I agree with, however there are no train links in this area. So if you or OH plan commuting into the city, then a car or bus will have to do.

      Judi x

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      Hi Paul,

      We live here in Happy Valley and its awful. Full of criminals, break ins, junkies and vandals.
      We hate it.............

      Only joking ha ha

      We love it here and agree with Tykes comments and would add that its close to the South road for easy access to the city or darn sarf.
      Can go inland to the hills off the beaten track as i often do on my motorbike or to the sea which is 10/15 mins away. Our kids are in their respective schools and love it. Unlike the UK where it was a drag to get them up and in.
      Hope this sheds some light.


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      Thanks to everybody who posted replies. making me feel like i am half way there already!
      would love to come for a reccie but will have to wait till the big move next year .

      sounds like the area i would like to be in, just one question about the train to CBD - is there a park and ride close to these areas and if so how far away is it?

      well i guess it's back to google earth to check out the area and places you listed in your posts!

      thanks again to you all

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      Richard & Amanda

      Thumbs up

      Hi Paul,

      Great minds think alike. I have been doing my research and eventually narrowed
      down to Aberfoyle park and Happy Valley as places we would like to live.

      This thread has been really useful to us and just confirms that we defo have picked a
      good area!

      We are hoping to move out there Jan 08 (fingers crossed). Ideally we want to rent in
      this area first so that we are in the catchment for the schools and don't have to worry
      about uprooting our 8yr again.

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      thats great, but i wont be out there untill at least oct 08

      i have these areas in mind because they are close to the hills so i hope to get a house with some kind of view, it is close to services and shops, not too far from the CBD plus i have friends living close to there.
      i will just have to keep doing the "research" for now!:)

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      There are no park and rides to train stations that I know of, but the stations have good carparks ( the ones I have visited have). The train goes no where near Happy Valley or Ab pk. Your nearest station would be Blackwood. I which case you would be better off to drive to CBD.
      To be honest, I dont think the bus service is to good here, too many changes. Having said that you can get a bus from Ab Pk to Blackwood, takes about 20 mins depending where you get on, then the train is about 25 mins to city. I think you def need to be able to drive here, things dont seem that far till you check out how may Ks you have done!
      Hope that helps
      Oh yes I forgot, Happy Valley is very pretty, lots of nice views, shops looked good when I was there, and not far from Marion.
      Ab pk the same. It has more shops though and is not as pretty, but still is nice.



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