• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Beachront home for sale !!

      My friends are looking at moving to a 4 bed home and want to know if anyone is interested in a 3 bed 4 doors away from moana beach. YES i said 4 doors not 4 streets.
      Its not on the market with an agent yet so a private sale could suite both parties. The views are unbelievable and to sit outside in the entertaining area and all you can hear in the backround is the waves crashing is a dream come true.
      Pm me for mor info.

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      sounds very nice!!!

      very nice beach also!!!

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      Yes took some friends round to view it this morning and it is in a gorgeous location - nearly as good as this place ;)


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      Thanks to all the people who have pm'd me for info. They have decided to let an agent deal with the sale so will be on the market with Century 21 as from end of Sept priced at $365+.


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