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      hi applied for aoa for when we arrive in june just wondering if any1 knows any1 how has a 2/3 bed house or apartment for rent long or short term please? we arrive 26th

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      I dont want this to open a can of worms but there are lots of people that do not get the OAA.

      So please try and sort something out before you come.

      Renting a house when not even here does cause a lot of headaches.

      The rental companies do not seem to like it.

      What area are you looking to start in?

      Maybe someone on here could help you?

      No doubt i will be back along with more info...

      Ps where in Wales are you & have your goods left?

      Rob and Mel

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      hi yea i know the aoa isnt somthing which we can reley on we are looking at all sorts of areas really our things havent left coz we have nothing...... but everything to look 4ward! we r from north wales thanks!

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      there are loads on the net and you could always search through the threads on here. We stayed here Auseelife - Quality Furnished Short Term Rental Accommodation in Adelaide, South Australia and was really worth organising it before hand as I did not want the uncertainity of having no where to stay.

      Good luck
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      ahh thanks for that



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