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      Living in the HILLS - scary?

      One of the main reasons I want to emigrate to Australia from South Africa is to live life less fearfully. Johannesburg is riddled with crime and we are all affected by it, on an almost daily basis.

      The question I have relates to the issue of bush fires in the Hills region. I really like suburbs like Belair, but I don't want to live life in fear every summer because of the threat of bush fires. Am I being paranoid/unrealistic?

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      Unfortunately bush fires are a way of life here in the summer months.

      Belair and surrounds are areas that are at risk but I never hear of many that way.

      We have had some awful fires here years ago including Ash Wednesday.

      Remembering Ash Wednesday fires | Adelaide Now

      Lesson have to bean learnt to an extent and fire risk is lower now - but there are still some very complacent people that do not make their property fire safe.

      I'd be more aware of fire risk than scared. Pick an area to live where your neighbours are sensible.

      We live in Onkaparinga Hills and have seen two biggish fires - one caused by some car thieves dumping a car and burning it the F@#$%^&s!). We had to be ready to go if the wind turned on us



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