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      sorting out a rental from overseas

      Hi everyone,
      we are brand new to this site. Read a lot of posts so far and has been really helpful. We are currently living in Christchurch NZ (grant 27 Scottish, debs 23 and baby shona kiwi) and looking to move to Adelaide as soon as our visa comes through.

      Wondering if it's possible to sort out rental accomodation from over here. Ideally we would love to get to Adelaide and more or less just pick up the keys to a rental.

      wondered if anyone has done a similar thing, if not, then any suggestions to an easy solution would be great :) Also, what are the best rental companies to deal with?

      Thanks a lot
      Grant and Debs

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      Hi Grant and Debs - welcome to the site.

      We found it quite hard to organise a rental from the UK for when we arrived because they have opens and do not really advertise a rental much before it is ready to rent - ie, open and take possession within a week really, so the rentals are available straight away rather than advertising that it will be available in 30 days time.

      Have a look on www.realestate.com.au to give you an idea of what might be available and prices.

      All the rentals advertised will be unfurnished too. We were lucky we stayed with family for first 2 weeks and rushed around like madmen going to all the opens for rentals and moved in within 2 weeks of landing and begged, borrowed or stole spare bits of furniture until our container arrived.

      Another popular option, is renting somewhere furnished as a short term solution until you find an unfurnished rental and your container arrives, assuming your are shipping stuff over.

      Hope this has given you a few ideas - PM us if you need anymore info or help.

      Good luck with it all

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      hi, thanks for the reply.

      very helpful ;-)


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