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    Thread: Nightmare landlords

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisado View Post
      Obviously we pay bonds should there be any damage. I rent my home in UK and tenants have paid a bond.

      However, my issue with this thread is - there is NO damage at all to the property. Like I said, when I asked the landlord which 2 doors I had broken, she could not show me. She was very patronising. She does not understand tenancy law and that any claims cannot be made until the lease expires. If there were any!

      We are a highly professional couple and both work in areas of law - I can't see why we would want to damages someones property - we are at work all the time and hardly in property to do anything. She accepted us due to our professions and we even had to provide photosof ourselves before we go there so she could even see what we looked like!

      I am seeking advice and not causing an issue - I get the impression I am being made to be a liar so I woul dinvite anyone on ehere to come into this property and see for themselves.

      Some people I know hadn't taken a bond due to a friendship and that went pearshaped so - goes to show there are 2 sides to every story.

      Our landlady invite dus to dinner, coffee, bought us xmas presents, hugged and kisse dme in the shops, told me of the glowing reporsts she had received by our neighbours - to suddenly changing.

      We cant afford to break our lease at the moment as I have other personal issues to sort out first that is more of a priority to me.

      I have come on here for advice and not to have an argument with other people - we have obviously a different oppinion and so be it. Just seem sthis particular property is jinxed.

      This reminds me of why I dont post on here - my request fo radvice has started to turn into a slanging match
      Yes,i agree .You perceive as i do.You are not alone in what you say.

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      I did not call anyone a liar - i just stated we had the same landlord.
      That they had been fine with us.
      Stated i did not know what had gone on and didnt want to know.

      I posted useful information regarding the tenancy tribuneral people as i had first hand knowledge of this.

      And youve reminded me why i stopped coming on for a while last year!


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