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    Thread: Renting with pets

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      Renting with pets

      Would like to know how hard it is to rent somewhere that allows a huge well behaved but daft dog. We have heard it can be hard to rent anyway without having a dog. What areas do you think would be best,we are not too botherd if we are not right by the coast as we would like somewhere with a large garden. Has anyone had any probs getting a home because they have had pets?
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      We live in Adelaide hills and we had hard time finding a long term rental which is suitable to us and would allow pets(we have a moodle pup). But when you're looking for a house always ask the agent if they will accept pets as sometimes they're also flexible as long as youre the "perfect candidate" for a tenant.
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      cornish Busdriver
      We had no problems renting with our 2 but they are smallish ish, with a large dog they expect them to live outside.
      We had to supply photo's, and info on the type of dogs like size, sex, weight, temperment, destructiveness, how noisey they are.
      We struck a verbal agreement with the landlord for the dogs to live indoors that if the dogs damaged anything then we would get it fixed to his satisfaction with out any quarals.
      We were turned down on 2 houses, not because of the dogs but because the yards wasnt big enough for the dogs. There are laws here that you need a minimum size yard for the type of dog you have so please take that into account when looking at houses.
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      Property Managers or Landlords may ask you to fill in a Pet Lease Agreement. It basically says that:
      a) no additional or different pet will occupy the premises
      b) if the pet becomes annoying/bothersome or nuisance to other residence then the tenant will remove it from the premises or vacate the premises.
      c) damage caused by the pet will be rectified by the tenant within 14 days at tenant cost
      d) tenant to keep the pet outside the premises at all times.

      On the agreement it will also ask for Type of pet, breed, name,age and colour.

      Also be aware that it is ILLEGAL for a landlord or property manager to ask for a PET BOND.

      Judi x
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      We've not had any probs renting with our dog. She's small but very much an inside pet. We also have 5 aviaries full of various birds outside, and several fish in tanks inside.

      Never heard of any laws dictating the size of backyard to pets ratio???? Is that something new? Was looking at the Dog & Cat Management Board guff yesterday and saw nothing in there about it.

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