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    Thread: Rental advice

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      Rental advice

      Hi guys,

      will be looking to secure an unfurnished rental 4-8 weeks after arrival but reading through the threads there is a lot about references from previous land lords. However, we have never rented before as we are home owners and wondered what the alternatives to securing a rental are?

      Thanks in advance

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      We are in the same position as you. From various post I read, what you can do are
      1. write everything about yourself and family, and give it to the landlord, so he/she will know about your situation.
      2. Ask friends who live in Australia as referee.
      3. Show bank accounts to landlord. Usually, if you have enough money in the account, the landlord will prefer you than others.

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      Think I may show them a mortgage statement to show we are good payers too.

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      It can be a nightmare finding somewhere suitable - but ya can be lucky too.

      Best be "armed"

      Make sure the agent knows you have Police Clearances ( dunno if you have the certificates but do some copies)

      Write a personal note about yourselves for attaching to the rental applications. Make sure it is positive with a mention of how determined you are to stay here permanently.

      Don't mention anything about temporary visas if you have one - some Aussies misunderstand the term still

      No screaming kids during the inspection! ( The agent will be weighing you up)

      If staying in short term accommodation initially it pays to keep the place spotless,you never know but the home owner may give you a reference ( we do if all is well)
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      The Dimmocks
      We had no problem getting a rental and had hardly any information. We had the letter confirming husbands job, passports, driving licence, short term rental lease and that was about it. We fulfilled the 100 points needed with just that info, didnt even put a second reference down as didnt have one. Didnt write a statement about ourselves either, had all good intention of doing one but saw the house and just got application in as soon as possible. We went to one viewing and I saw someone handing over to agent a thick wade of paper, I started to get really worried then. We have never in our life rented so is all very new to us. We got the house which 3 people viewed and all took applications, and got offered another one as well. The house was advertised by Raine & Horne but we deal direct with landlord with any problems, but we not had any and not seen them as yet.

      Each to their own and all but I wouldnt worry to much. All the agents I spoke to said they know the situation people are in emigrating, some not knowing anyone.

      This is our experience so my views.

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      Hi guys

      We rented for about two years when we first arrived and were lucky to get our first rental with minimal fuss (I think the landlord saw how stressed we were and took pity on us lol!). It is sometimes difficult though because you have no job history in Australia, no credit rating and often no Australian referees.

      A lot of agencies do understand there are a lot of migrants moving here but I am with Tyke and would advise that you be as prepared as you possibly can with as much information as you can to show you have the means to support yourself and are going to be good tenants.

      I'm not sure if you know how rentals work here, generally you see a property for rent and there will be an open inspection time listed. Basically anyone interested in the property will turn up at the same time to view it. The agent will give out applications and whoever wants to apply does so. The agent will then assess the applications and choose the "lucky tenant".

      If this is your first rental and you are up against others who are also interested in the property I would try and stand out by providing as much information as you can.

      This is not to say you won't get lucky straight off but I know that when we went for our second rental I completed the application, enclosed a nice letter and bank statements, references and anything else I could lay my hands on and pretty much got a call the next day saying we had the place so I think it helped.

      I'm sure you will be absolutely fine there's lots of lovely places about to rent. Just for your information pretty much all the rentals are on www.realestate.com.au

      Best of luck

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      The Hadleys

      I have been here 18 months, and currently work in real estate, there is a rental department within our organisation so if anyone needs any assistance in renting, please feel free to pm me, or if anyone wants advice in the real estate area, I will be happy to help

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      Just wanted to add that all of the above is sound advice and it just takes time finding the right place for you and yes there will be competition but one will come up.
      If you have your short term accomodation sorted for 4-6 weeks then start looking in your second week, drive around areas and then strat going to inpectiition and you will be surprised how quickly things fall into place.

      Good luck
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      You can also ask an estate agent to view your property in the UK and write a letter detailing if your house is well maintained etc. They charged us 75 but it's just that little bit extra proof that your going to look after the property.

      Good Luck

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      We got our rental via the advertiser, dealt with the landlord direct, gave him a copy of my wifes contract and that was enough. I suppose we were luck and got the first one we applied for.
      Good luck.


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