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      Smile Looking for Home to rent Jan 2011 for apx 6mths

      Hi, we were in Adelaide in March activating our visas and are now setting the wheels in motion for a permanent move next year. We are coming over mid Jan and need to rent a property while we are looking for a house to buy. So anything from 3 to 6 months. A swimming pool is essential as have a 7yr old and 5yr old.

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      You can secure a long term rental whilst still in the UK and it will be easier as you have been here and know where you want to be, however most agents won't let you rent until you have seen the place.
      Also it is a bit early to be looking now for anyone breaking a lease.

      I can't remember the name of the person people recommend for this sort of thing. I thinki its Donna Jacobs???

      Personally we stayed in a short term rental http://www.auseelife.com.au/ with a guy from here - perfect!!!l and had everything there ready for us once we got of the plane until our container arrived. This is what the majority of people do even if it is just a caravan for 3 weeks.

      Good luck try searching around on the forum.
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      Just so you know, most houses in SA do not have a pool, and even less will in the future.




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