• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      mike and tor

      Lightbulb room for a small one?

      Hi, listen I am looking at renting a room for a few weeks. I am not having much luck at all, so I am turning to PIA to see if anyone can either

      1) let out a room in their house for a couple of weeks or
      2) direct me to some one who can

      I will be there around the start of june (fingers crossed) and will be on my own. I would need a bed and a wardrobe. I will be working most of the time, the rest being spent on searching for a long term rental.

      I am a non smoker, clean and socialble but also can be quite as a door mouse. I dont irritate kids, dogs or animals. You wont have to clean up after me, do my washing or find strange things in the room. I am even prepared to make my own food. However I would advise that I did fail the auditions to masterchef.

      I would like to be within 30 mins of adelaide central if possible.


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      You could try a top tourist park, or realestate.com.au have a tab for shared accomodation.

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      any joy with the room to rent??

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      Hi,try couchsurfing.com,no money is exchanged for accomo,not sure if they have anybody registered with the website in Adelaide.We're on it but we live in the UK!:)How about house sitting?Maybe there is a webiste for that in Australia?

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      mike and tor
      I just want to say yippee. I have been offered a room. I wont say to much but those people involved know who you are and thanks.

      Right just need to sell the house, can PIA do this too??



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