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      pest inspections

      when buying a property, estate agents recommend pest inspections alongside usual building survey due to termite.....

      how serious a threat are termites - i am aware of the importance of getting the house treated for termite barriers - im told these last usually around 7 years before the next injection of chemicals.....

      i have heared of the family whose house collapsed a year after purchase due to these little white ants but how serious a threat are they in s.a. ???

      ive been told to expect to pay approx. $1000 for the full works treatement which does seem to be a no brainer giving that you are protecting your home ???


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      It only cost a couple hundred for an inspection. I know quite a few families with white ants.
      Depends if you feel lucky!

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      Big problem in Australia. Sandy soils are worst. But they will eat your house away if left unchecked!.


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