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      Info on new OAA process


      I've just written to register for the On Arrival services for when we arrive later this year, and have received an email back telling me that the current OAA setup is to cease at the end of this month, to be replaced by a new service using private rental agencies

      Does anyone on here have any more details about what the new service will actually consist of?

      Is the idea to get new arrivals into medium/long term lets straight away or is the idea to use private rental properties rather than state-owned ones to provide the same type of initial short term lets that the OAA did in the past?
      Or is it, perhaps, a mix of both, whereby you can take a short term let (12 wks) at a property, then extend it if you are happy (ie, adopting a sort of rolling housing stock, which can be filled with new arrivals until they are taken on a longer lease)?

      In the mean time, until this is all becomes clearer, I guess we will have to look into arranging our own short term let somewhere. Any suggestions for the best place to look that provides properties suitable for a family with two under fives (ie not a tent) but is also relatively cheap (ie. not a holiday appt on GlenElg beach)?

      THanks in advance for any info

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      Hi - can't tell you anything about the new service but we stayed in a hotel for 10 nights prior to finding our current rental. The reason why the OAA is stopping is because the DofI have decided to withdraw it, and from what I have heard some of the houses weren't particularly great. We live in Lower Mitcham and its great for transport, schools, library, shopping centre, train stations, playgroups etc. We pay $350 per week which includes council rates and water charges. We are looking to break our lease in September which is always an option if you rent somewhere which doesn't necessarily suit you.
      Anything else you need to know just drop me a line, Sara (& Mark)



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