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    Thread: impossible to rent with dogs?

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      I guess it depends on the dog breed and size, dog age, and location of the property. You need to find a place out in the hills (without close neighbours!), and perhaps contact the local council by email to check their rules. For instance Adelaide Hills Council say:
      Council by-laws generally limit the number of dogs that can be kept per household to two, however application in writing can be made to have this number increased. Special conditions apply.
      This other forum also has some interesting comments: http://www.dolforums.com.au/lofivers...hp/t89595.html
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      hi we brought our dog over last year. No problem with rental, Agent said because we had spent so much bringing her over we would have no problems. 1st house we saw brand new house, which said no dogs, we got, We have since built and have own house.

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      Thanks everybody your advice is a big help. We were hoping to rent/buy are more rural house which doesnt have neighbours close by. It may be that we keep our dogs in kennels here in the UK for a couple of months and then send them over after weve bought somewhere. However i hearing that even buying might be difficult before three months is up without permenant reseidency? Its a minefield isnt it!

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      We arrived here in Oct 09 and we brought 3 dogs with us, we would nit have come if we could not have brought our dogs. We used Petair for there travel and they were fabulous and quarentine in Melbourne really looked after our dogs, even my sort of disabled sausage dog. We arrived and had a holiday rental for two weeks the dogs were in quarentine at this time and we had to find a rental in that fortnight. We decided as we had the dogs we would have to put up with something that we maybe would not have normally chosen, but we decided that as we were going to build our own we would have to put up with it for the first year. As we had the three dogs we were mainly offered older properties, but we managed to secure a rental within 11 days of arriving, which was fab. The rental is ok but we will realy appreciate our own new house when finished hopefully in October. With regards to registrering your dogs we live in Aldinga Beach and so have to register with Onkaparinga Council, we wrote a letter to the Councxil regarding our dogs and they then sent a ranger round to check we were secure and that there was enough room for our dogs and he said it was absolutely fine. We have just in fact renewed their rego with no trouble because you have to do it 1/7/ every year. So it is all possible if you can take a bit of stress and believe me having your dogs here makes all the difference. I would not have been able to leave mine behind and would not have settled half as well if I had to Good Luck Laura x:)

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      we had put our house on the market and wanted to rent for 12 months until we deceded what to do next but with 2 boxer dogs and a cat we found it near on impossible to find anywhere to fit us and accept the dogs. Needless to say house is off the market and we are staying put!!

      Good luck though

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      we understand your dilemma as we just arrived here on 1st february,after much diliberation decided to leave our pets behind in the uk as they were too old to travel and my parents said they would adopt them~so they went to a good home.
      Just concerned for you as we had trouble finding a rental full stop,never mind one that allowed animals!
      Have you been to Australia before? nice romantic idea of living in the sticks but usually the reality is far different from your ideal! miles from anywhere,alone,cattle around~4 dogs!!!
      On the bright side we bought our house (as we couldn't find a short term rental) we had only been here ten days and we decided to buy! we moved in a fortnight later!! we grabbed the bull by the horns and realised if it's a wrong decision at least we can sell and though sellings costly it's not wasting money on rent. perhaps you should consider buying.
      We have since been here for 5 months and have adopted a dog from the rspca 2 months ago,you do need to register them,this cost is reduced for them being desexed/microchipped,trained...if you have had any of this done certificated need to be shown in order to get a reduction.This has to be done yearly and like someone else said theres a limit of 2 dogs with exceptions_you really need to ask before you bring them.It's also been mentioned about nuisance dogs,they basically call to see you if neighbours complain about too much barking! If it continues they remove the dog/dogs.
      I don't want to sound negative but it's hard enough adjusting to a new life without the added strain of even getting a roof over your heads/worries of pets been taken from you.
      I hope this helps,i miss my pets back home my eldest cat was 19 and i know shes much better off with my mum,the move would of killed her.
      Good luck
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      hi there thanks for this reponse. Its difficult isnt it...ive been to Aussie and lived there for a year (backpacking tho) and know a little about the way of life etc. however my partner hasnt even been on a plane! Im a little concerned about the dogs but it really would break my partners heart to leave them (and me too for my little cocker spaniel) but also stressed about not being able to find anywhere to live with them (and we have a four and a half month son to think about too). Did you manage to get a morgage so early then? Ive got a job contract but ive heard that we may not be able to get a morgage until weve been in aussie a few months? well be selling the house here so potentially would be able to put a deposit down. god its a minefield and i dont know what to do! ps however just met my manager yesterday who highlighted the severity of the York NHS job situation here and basically my (and many other nurses i know) is at risk anyway so prob moving is the best thing to do anyway!!


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