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    Thread: Gawler anyone?

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      Gawler anyone?

      Hello all,
      Can anyone give me some more information on Gawler? Good, not so good, schools and the like? House prices seem very reasonable, but that usually has a reason... Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks much, Dutchie.

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      It is quite a way north of the city, although it does have a train service. It is a smallish country town more than a suburb. My daughter used to work there and liked it very much, although she lived at the time in Nuriootpa. Some of the new estates have lovely houses.
      I think the main problem would be the distance from where-ever your work is, but people do travel longer these days than the old "20 mins" from everwhere that Adelaide was previously known for.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dutchie View Post
      Hello all,
      Can anyone give me some more information on Gawler? Good, not so good, schools and the like? House prices seem very reasonable, but that usually has a reason... Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks much, Dutchie.
      Have lived here for over 3 years .Husband works in north so easy commute.Rail line finishes at Gawler so cheap trains to Adelaide.
      We like living here.

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      We migrated here last year and love the area. I work in the CBD and when the trains are running normally (part of track closed currently) the journey is 45 minutes which is not too bad. Gawler town has a good range of shops and you can normally find everything you need. Our children are in school here and the school is really good. If you want any further specific info drop me a PM.

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      we dont live in Gawler...........but love going up there with or without the kids......good range of shops and has a nice feel about the place!!! Nice little town.........with the High Street full of many little shops!!! We give it a thumbs up.........! ;)

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      We live in Evanston Park which is just south of Gawler, my husband works in Elizabeth and takes him about 15 mins to get to work. Trinity college is on the doorstep which is a good school, but there are rarley spaces so you'd have to go on the waiting list but with many different schools within it your kids can stay there till year 12. Starplex fitness centre is next to the school and there is so much to do there and it takes less than 10mins to drive into Gawler for shopping, cafes etc.
      Our kids go to St Bridgids as there wasn't any spaces at trinity which is a Catholic primary and kids from there generally go to Xavier college after that.

      All have websites so have a look and any questions just ask.


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      I was born in Gawler's hutchinson hospital!! and lived there (not in the hospital) for the first 16 years of my life, we were on the outskirts (hills) so it was a little lonely for us kids, but I have been back for 4 months and have been visiting it every weekend! it has modernised a teeny bit since I moved in 1994, but it still holds its charm.
      I have even some frog and taddies from the river .. I live near Glenelg and it took me 50 mins to drive there on the new expressway on saturday, so much better than the 1 1/2 hours it took me going down main north rd a few weeks back.
      My brothers and I went to St.Bridgets for the first year of school and transferred to Trinity College, when it first opened, not many people would believe the mammoth that is Trinity was in the middle of empty fields and was only one log building with 5 classrooms!! how it has spawned...
      I and many of my school friends loved the school for its sporting oppurtunities, but not one do I know that has turned out hugely successful in life(as always led to believe by the Principal that going there would be our golden ticket in life , it may have changed but they werent very good at giving careers advice and alot of us left feeling a little lost or ending up going to uni in the wrong direction, saying that all of my school friends are either about to undertake another uni degree (like myslef) in a completely different direction or are just floating along.
      This however is my sole opinion, and it does date back 10-12 years, Mr.Hewitson -a man I dislike very much, is no longer the principal there, Mr.Reynolds is and he was an awesome teacher when I went to Trinity.
      We were members of the Anglican chuch St.Peter's that first opened the school in there sunday school site before becoming too popular and moving to the Alexander Ave site.
      Alot of my school friends are sending their kids to Faith, which is a lutheran school and much better in the eyes of ex-Trininites...
      But as an area the feel of country bliss with a hint of surburia is great and the Gawler Swimming pool plays host to alot of my childhood memories!
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