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      Whats Fulham Gardens like??

      Can anyone tell me what the Fulham gardens area is like? as i think i will be booking a rental there but i have no idea what the area is like?

      any advise would be great :Randy-git:

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      It is a nice enough suburb, a quite residential area of mainly 50s/60s/70s style houses. It is the next suburb inland from Henley Beach which is very popular, so people who can't afford a house in Henley are moving to Fulham and some of the older houses are getting knocked down and new ones built. Historically there has been quite a large Italian population in that area, and there were a lot of market gardens which are gradually getting sold off for housing. It has Fulham Gardens shopping centre with a Target, Foodland and local shops, McDonalds, plus it is not too far from West Lakes mall, the beaches at Grange, Henley, West Beach and Glenelg, the airport etc so a very good location in terms of being close to things.

      To repeat what I said in a post about Seaton yesterday, try not to live too close to Tapleys Hill Road as it is a really busy road and the traffic volume builds up early in the morning, so it is pretty noisy, especially the trucks.
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      Agree with Anne on all points I shop at fulham gardens and live a bit inland from FG it has some very nice side streets and friendly people but tapleys hill road major busy!!!!

      good choice of schools and bus to city evey 15mins (287 & 288)
      hope that helps
      Deb x

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      I live in Fulham Gardens and think it is a perfect location...perfect distance to the city and a five minute drive to the beach (half hour walk) Just around the corner from local shops, airport, golf courses, harbour town, West Lakes... I am property manager and think that this is a good affordable location! :D

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      Well im going to book it, thanks for your helps guys! i hope it turns out well :)

      Any advise on where is best to shop locally would be cool, or any advise on what sights are a must see for pom's who have just arrived ( we land in Oct )



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