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    Thread: nice areas in north adelaide

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      nice areas in north adelaide

      Hi all PIA,
      Well after a long wait my wife has been told where she will work. It is either salibury community or elizabeth inpatient. So many questions, how long a drive to the coast as that is where we want to live maybe semaphore/west lakes etc. What are the areas like salisbury and elizabeth like, I know peoples opinions differ but ant help advice would be fantastic. Heard nice things about tea tree gully and other areas. We where hoping to live south of adelaide but wifes job offer seems to have put paid to that idea for the time being.

      Thanks for reading this rambling post


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      My husband got a job in Salisbury North so we had to based ourselves up here too.
      Weve got 2 young children so our descision on where to live also involved schools etc.
      I loved Semaphore and West Lakes but the shool near Semaphore was rubbish and the rental prices in West Lakes were too high for us to get anything decent.
      We are actually licing in Mawon Lakes which I love. Its about 15 minute drive to Semaphore beach and about 15 minutes to Elizabeth.
      I regularly go to Tea Tree Gulley which looks nice but we never included that on our original search and ive also heard good things about Golden Grove.
      Everyone says to say away from Salisbury but I know plently of Brits who have brought in those areas so dont be afraid to look there.
      We also put in 2 applications for rentals in Fulham Gardens which was about 40 minutes away but the competition for a rental there was massive and we just gave up.
      We have a friend who lives in Hallett Cove (which I love) who commutes each day to Salisbury North but it takes him an hour (too long for us).
      Anyway ive gone on enough if you want any more info just ask - although im sure many others on here can help you on those suburbs too but if you want to know anymore about Mawson Lakes im your gal.
      Good luck
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      Greenwith, golden grove, tea tree gully are all within easy reach of salisbury and elizabeth, and are all lovely areas, Semaphore will be your nearest beach which will take about 25/30mins so all good, rental property in North tends to be cheaper aswell, goodluck with your search....

      ps we live in Salisbury and got fab neighbours and a lush lake windermere opp house
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      Mawson Lakes is good, Salisbury Park and Salisbury Heights are nice, Semaphore area is probably your best beach bet. Otherwise pretty much all of the northeastern suburbs (Tea Tree Gully, Hope Valley, Golden Grove, Wynn Vale, Greenwith, Vista, Fairview Park, Highbury, Dernancourt, Athelstone, Paradise, Modbury, Banksia Park) are within half an hour commute, but also about half hour to the beach. You could go further north such as Gawler for a nice "country town" feel.
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      We have just moved into our new long term rental in Mawson Lakes having moved over from the UK 10 weeks ago. We are very happy with it and the rent prices seem to be reasonable here and you get alot of property for it. We have got a 4 bedroom place with nice high ceilings though outdoor space is a little smaller than we would like but that seems the norm with new builds, a bit like the UK.

      Good luck with the move :-)
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