I just thought I would drop a line as I am a Real Estate agent here in Adelaide. The longer I am working in the industry over here I am finding that there are a large number of UK migrants that are coming over and finding the buying & selling process over here quite different & confusing in comparison to the way it is done in the UK.

I have a number of years experience back in England and I am now working over here. I have been with my company for nearly a year now, and have lived in Adelaide for 18 months.

I would like to be able to offer any help & advice to people may in regards to the market, processes involved & just general advice. I have found that the UK expats that I have been in contact with, find it useful to deal with someone like myself that understands both sides and the differences.

I work for a company based at West Lakes and I cover a large area in the Western Suburbs from North Haven down to Glenelg and then heading east into the city.

If anyone needs any general advice I am happy to help. If anyone is considering buying or selling in my area please don't hesitate to contact me.