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      Short term rental please help

      Hi everyone

      We have secured a short term rental for 3 weeks when we arrive which takes us up to the 30th November. We have made the decision to rent for a further 5 weeks which will take us over xmas & new year. We have 4 boys and don't want to take the chance of being 'homeless' at this important time. Obviously I totally appreciate that this is the busiest time of year for rentals, however can anyone help or certainly point us in the right direction. Suburb we are interested in is Aberfoyle Park however securing a long term rental could proved difficult in Dec so to be honest we would be willing to look at most places.
      I have been scouring the internet and not being very successful:(

      thanks so much


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      Hi there,

      I don't know if it would be of any use, but we are going back to the UK on the 23rd November until the 6th January and our house will be empty for this period.

      It is just a rental, but we don't really know anybody well enough yet to ask them to check our house/take mail in etc.

      It's a 3 bedroom. You said you have 4 boys - we have 2 double beds and one cot that can be made into a toddler bed. So there would be the issue of bedding. All our belongings would have to stay but it may be an answer for you rather than staying in pricey holiday rental. We would just like to cover our costs/rent.

      We are in Dover Gardens, which is not a million miles away from Aberfoyle park and it's a 20 minute walk to South Brighton Beach and a 20 minute walk to Marion shopping centre (or 5 min drive to each)

      let me know if you are interested - can give you more info over e-mail

      Catriona & Russell


      or Skype Catuna



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