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    Thread: Housing Bubble in Australia?

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      And next week it will say housing is on the up and no bubble. I have read alot over the last 12 months and the same sites or writers do seem to switch views regular. Would be nice to see it stable and hold so the younger gen can catch up. As it would no doubt help many if it would burst, I wonder what damage it could do to the economy if it was to actualy burst by 30%-40% ? pretty messy I recon. So would it be best to burst ? For me yes, more bricks for my bucks. For economy no, could effect job market so harder to find work and have income. No point in thinking I own a 4 bed home, swimming pool, 3 car garage, see view house but cannot pay the bills anyway. Seems to have a balance to it and at the moment some or many may not win either way. Only thing I have done well out of a negative drop is when BP shares fell and I got on heavy with that, now 50% return in 6 months. Housing ? I will just watch. I wonder how many will say on this whare they hope it will go. I think my point is just a view and not much interest but I will watch this thread with interest in others point. Housing has been an interesting topic for me due to peoples different views on bricks and motor or homes. Anyway, I have got an headache so off for some asprin. Hope you all down under havin a good day and as for those up in this end, wrap up.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      There was one a few months before this with more detailed predictions in it, still cannot find it, still wondering if ther timing was close or spot on.
      so it wasn't this one? http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...-bubble-2.html

      this referred to this website Who crashed the economy
      and the post ......... Who crashed the economy 2010 May
      Australia : Housing tipped for price implosion at any time

      There are so many blogs out there on this
      Delusional Economics
      The Unconventional Economist
      Tasmanian Real Estate Trouble
      Houses and Holes
      LVRG Blog (Prosper Australia)

      If you've got the time to read them all. The politcians in Canberra obviously don't.
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      Thats the one Anne, thanks for that.

      I may have got it wrong, but it looks like everyone is in the same boat.

      Maybe trafford will add more, after following the thread i never did, and still do not understand his later comments.

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      As has been said,who knows?All i know is at the moment i feel house prices are ridiculous,and we are not prepared to enter in to the stressful and expensive merry go round.We can rent and save substantially,so why bother!We would prefer to own our own property obviously,but not on the terms offered presently.


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