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      Cool Salisbury area

      Hi folks!

      Been lurking here a while but now getting serious!

      I've (almost) been offered a job in the Salisbury area and am looking to move asap - realistically early next year on a skilled independent visa (175).

      Can anyone give me opinions on the areas around Salisbury please? I am looking for somewhere to live that will be reasonably close to work (i.e. <30mins drive to Salisbury), fairly lively but safe and pleasant. I think I'll have up to A$300k to spend on a property.

      I'm single and coming over to Australia on my own so schools etc. are NOT a high priority for me, at least not yet. Things like beaches and places to go are more important!

      Ideally I think I would like to live as close to Adelaide itself as possible but not at the expense of commuting long distances every day. I've already read elsewhere on this forum that Salisbury Heights is a nice area. Anyone agree or disagree with this?

      Any other ideas, thoughts, opinions?


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      Hi Tony and welcome
      Really sorry but cannot help you on the area bit, as we are in the south. But I had to post to find out how near you are to Cardiff .... my husband is from Pontypridd and we lived there for 6 years prior to coming out here. No doubt, the old town looks the same .... ha!
      Very friendly bunch on here and someone will have the info you need.
      All the best for now

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      Hi Sas,

      I'm in a place called Blackwood in 'The Valleys'. Only been here 10 months so not familiar with places like Ponty unfortunately. Lovely part of the world though and great people, if only it didn't rain so much! I'm from Oldham originally but went to Uni in Leeds and have since worked in London, Preston, now Wales and next the big move to Australia I hope! Bit of a nomad as you can tell!

      Thanks for the welcome and have already noticed what a friendly bunch everyone seems to be here :-)


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      Hubby worked in Elizabeth (very near Salisbury) upon arrival, you would have no probs getting a house for $300k around Elizabeth but chances are you might not be in the best of areas. It is a bit of a hit and miss area, with some bits ok and some not nice, Salisbury Heights is one of the better areas but house prices will reflect this, take a look on realestate.com.au and just search Salisbury Heights.

      30 minutes communte gives you a wide range of areas to look at, you mention the beach, salisbury is not that quick a drive to the beach, probably 20-30 minutes.

      Mawson Lakes is a nice area around there and a good commute time (I would estimate 10 mins), it is a new development and although houses are a bit expensive, I am sure they were building some townhouses/apartments, which may be cheaper.

      Good Luck

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      We have lived in Salisbury Heights since January this year and I can thoroughly recommend it. Prices range from $260ish to a million depanding on how far up the hill you want to be!! We paid $440,000 for a 4 bed house on 1/2 an acre. Our place is a doer-upper, the house across the road from us is on for $700,000 but they do have a pool and a tennis court. We have a house in need of complete overhaul and a jungle for a garden.The next best bit of Salisbury is Salisbury East.

      There are no beaches in the Salisbury area, nearest beach is Semaphore, roughly 35 minutes drive. If you want to live within about 30 minutes of Salisbury I would suggest looking at the following suburbs, Gulfview Heights, Salisbury East, Para Hills, Modbury and Modbury North Modbury Heights, Craigmore, Wynn Vale,Greenwith and Golden Grove.

      Wynn Vale, Greenwith, Gulfvire Heights and Golden Grove are more modern Estates but offer good transport links to the City. The prices are reflective of modern suburbs ranging from $270 for a 3 bed up. There is good shopping this way. The Village at Golden Grove, Tea Tree Plaza at Modbury, Parabanks at Salisbury and the fantastic Mall at Elizabeth, also Munno Para has an excellent centre.

      The rest mentioned are older, more established suburbs, bigger plots to choose from and a good range of properties. You can still pick up a 3 bed place for $250 at any of the older suburbs.

      To sum up, its a good area to live in and as the building goes further north, the prices will rise as you become nearer the City.
      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights

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      Rob and Clare
      Hey Tony,

      There are a lot of decent areas, but as you get further out of the city, pubs (well decent pubs ) become rarer. I live in Mawson lakes and it is a great place for brits to settle with a town centre close by, with a pub, couple of cafe's etc... and a train that runs straight into the city...(do a google search for Mawson lakes) If you like home entertaining and want the typical ausse dream then areas around elizabeth can be good, with huge plots, some with pools all within your budget.. I've got some friends in craigmore and they like it..

      If you like decent night life then nearer the city is best, if you can get somewhere in Norwood or kent town I'd go for it !!! but cheaper places include broadview ! Mawson lakes is somewhere in between.

      The beach life is expensive though unless you can live a few blocks back, but getting to salsbury soon from Semaphore, Largs Bay, etc will be a breeze soon as there is an express way opening that takes you direct to salsbury...

      Hope I've helped.



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      Thanks to the Salisbury Massive and Rob for lots of useful information there. I'll definitely get on google and the property websites to check those places out. I'll probably be renting for a few weeks while I get sorted but if I can start my research before I get there it all helps!

      The beach isn't a must have for me but when moving to australia you've got to ask haven't you! Mawson's Lakes sounds like the kind of place I'm looking for with a bit of local life and a quick route into the city.


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      Mawson Lakes is probably a good choice. I work in Salisbury and live in Mawson Lakes and it takes me a maximum of 15mins to get to/from work. Mawson Lakes itself is a good area and I have no qualms about being a single female alone on the train to/from the city... though I have to admit I'd be nervous about going to any stops north of the Mawson Interchange (towards the Salisbury area). The trains run late night, but if you want to take a taxi back after a night out, it's only around 30/35 bucks, which isn't too bad.

      Take a look at Mawson Lakes on Google Earth - it's not that up-to-date, but shows it fairly well.


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      Hi Tony
      Hope you manage to get here. Australia is a great place, with so much opportunity. I know the Salisbury area quite well although i live in the Modbury/TTG area. I would suggest you rent for say 6 months and look around. Salisbury is ok but there is Salisbury South, East, North, Downs, Heights, its very confusing. Certain areas in Salisbury I would persoanally avoid and Elizabeth, whilst it is one of the cheapest areas, the crime rates are high. Nevertheless at the moment, there is alot of new development in the NE areas ie Craigmore is nice. It all depends on what you are looking. At a $300K price range, you may want to consider a nice 2 bed courtyard villa or even a new apartment at Mawson Lakes (Mawson Lakes being a good investment). If you are the night club type of person then you would perhaps prefer to live nearer the city which is where all the night activity is. Maybe you would prefer to be nearer the beach. Being a first time buyer means you have a huge advantage and could really get a bargain.

      I am happy to help you in anyway I can. I have been here now 7 years and I am always looking at property prices and areas as a hobby lol. AND GUESS WHAT, I am a Cardiff girl too. Where in Cardiff you from?

      Anyway feel free to contact me again. Jan PS I am considering maybe taking in a lodger for a short time next year so if you are interested let me know.
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