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      lots of questions from 2 cats n 1 American...

      ;)Hiya all~

      I am just starting to research a possible move there!! I was wondering if you know of decent apartments near Tahlee Bible College that accept pets. Also was wondering if there are any other single American women on here who have moved there on their own? And do you folks know if I would be able at all to get a work visa after I am there if I go on a student visa.
      I am thinking of going to college for a year, then picking up my business there. I am a self-employed housecleaner. I know I could work my way through school once I am situated. What do any of you smart people have to say? Is it all just a crazy dream....this is the crowd to ask!! THANKS!!

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      You most likely wouldn't be able to get a work visa for that occupation. You're better off taking advantage of the 12 month work holiday visa which came into effect 31 Oct. And keep in mind, with pets, they would have to be in quarantine for 6 months and that whole process is very expensive, so there's not much point in taking pets with unless you are moving for good.
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      Thanks Susan!
      Yeah~ ultimately I want to stay there, I am trying to figure out how and with my kitties preferably but I don't know for sure, just researching!


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