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      Rental needed! Southern Suburbs

      Hi, we have been looking for a 3-4 bed rental in the Southern Suburbs since arriving 2 weeks ago - now only have 2 weeks left in out temporary rental and need somewhere to move into by 9th January latest
      Have been looking at the Seaford / Noarlunga area, but would quite happily look at Flagstaff / Aberfoyle etc too as long as we can move somewhere 'nice'.....!

      Also last time we came out we stayed at West Beach and that area was lovely too.
      Really I'm not that fussy - just need a home!!!

      The internet in my rental isn't fast enough to let me look online so apart from visit individual EA's I'm a bit stuffed, so thought I'd ask you guys as you always have top advice

      I'm on my own with 4 kids and starting to sweat a bit now!!!!

      Caz x

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      lj hooker were pretty good for us looked at three chose the one were in and moved in 2 weeks later,

      good luck



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