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      Smile Anyone breaking their lease Brighton/Glenelg area?

      I'm looking for a rental at the end of March in the Brighton/Glenelg area. If anyone is breaking their lease or knows of anywhere i'd love to hear from you.

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      There seem to be quite a lot coming up on Realestate at the moment. I've noticed cos though I'd love to live near the beach it's too far from the points of reference we are working from for our own househunt!

      BUt if you search the with appropriate requirements on realestate, and then get it to save your details and notify you every time a new place comes on, you're bound to get to hear of things quickly. You may have done that anyway and I suppose the point about breaking leases is you get more of a chance of securing the property but I thought I'd mention it. :)
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      Thanks Sally, I've been looking on realestate but the properties advertised tend to be available now or within the next couple of weeks. I'd really like to secure something in advance but not sure if that is going to be possible. Thanks for the suggestion about receiving emails from realestate I hadn't thought of that, I'll get it set up.
      Good luck with your own search too!



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