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      The Broadheads

      where are all the children??

      We have been in Australia for 6 weeks and I can't get over how few children we have seen 'playing out.' Are lots of people on holiday?? Is everyone indoors a lot?? or out and about with OSH clubs?? We've just moved to Woodcroft and aparently it has one of the biggest primary schools in SA, so where are all the children??

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      I don't really know about the missing children...there are plenty on the beaches like Port Noarlunga, Seaford, Moana etc and there's lots in the centres at Noarlunga and Marion. The entertainment precinct at Noarlunga is quite busy.

      I know what you mean about lack of people on the streets though. The roads seem to be deserted and no-one walks around much. It's weird isn't it?

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      I think you will find its the Aussie holiday season.
      Lots of my regular clients have gone away for a couple of weeks. This seems to happen every year after Xmas.


      PS. or maybe its the infamous Aussie child catcher at it again!!!!

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      It's too hot for them to play out, once it gets over 28 they all head in doors. Try having a go on the park for an hour or two when it's 30+
      You will usually find them in the shopping centres (air con)
      It is holiday season and a few will be away.

      Have you sorted something for Australia day, that will be an eye opener for you, adults play like kids and some family's take the house furniture with them! Then you wonder where everyone came from LOL

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      Lotsa kids down Aldinga Beach watching the Tour Down Under.....




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