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    Thread: How far ????

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      Lightbulb How far ????

      Hiya guys, can anyone tell me how far out is Cockatoo Valley. I know Gawler is nearby, just trying to gage distance. How far awy to nearest beach etc etc.. and time.

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      gawler from the CBD would take around 1 hour by car, train around the same, from Cockatoo Valley to Gawler around 10 mins in a car, from CV to the nearest beach, Semaphore, around 1 hour.
      to cbd.. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?rlz=1...N&hl=en&tab=wl

      to semaphore..http://maps.google.com.au/maps?rlz=1...N&hl=en&tab=wl

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      The Northern Expressway has cut down the travel time to beaches and CBD considerably. Express trains from Gawler take about 45 minutes to the City and run every 15 minutes, really good service. If you have any queries about the area let me know as we live about 10 minutes away from Cockatoo Valley. Sam

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      It could take you 15mins to get to the willaston junction in Gawler for the express way. Thats only because of the 50K speed limit though. Semaphore would be the nearest real beach, though St kilda play area is not to far, or head north to Thompsons beach. The city will be close on an hour, if you look at craigmore, Elizabeth, muno para, area for major shopping then you probably 30 mins away. If you live out this way, how many times will you need to go the beach? and how many times will you need to go to the city? Clare valley, Burra region and the riverlands are all within a 2 hour drive, not to mention the head start to the flinders ranges, and how many people keep telling them selves that they will go to the Barrossa Market on a saturday yet never have............ it's on your doorstep. Country place, Country feel, slightly lonely, friendly people.


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