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    Thread: Looking to rent

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      Looking to rent


      Can anyone give me information on renting, We are going to be in Adelaide at the beginning of June, Myself Gill My Husband Roger (electrian) and our daughter Lauren (16yrs) any information would be most grateful.

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      Where are you looking to rent?
      Do you have jobs because you might want to live near work?
      Do you need a house or would a unit or apartment do?
      Would two bedrooms be enough or do you need more?
      Does it have to be furnished?
      Have you a container coming over soon after you get here?
      Hope we might be able to help

      Here is a link to the Southern Times, which is the free Messenger newspaper for the Southern areas such as Hallett Cove, Morphett Vale, Christies Beach and Aldinga. You will find the rentals just after the Property for Sale, in the Classified section...


      You can view any of the Messengers (there is one for each area) at the following...


      Rob and Mel
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      Best advice i can give you is make sure you like the place,it suits your needs,is located conveniently enough for shops,work,Schools etc,and take as many photos of the place as you can,like every nook and cranny;Carpets,tiles,walls,doors and everything,especially if it has a mark or damage on it because you may well be liable at huge expense at the end of your rental period for something that has nothing to do with you.You have a right to do this prior to signing up.Take full advantage,and don't be rushed.Best Luck.:)
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      For a full run-down on the legal ins and outs of being a tenant in South Australia, have a look at the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs (OCBA) website:


      This is the state government body which deals with all aspects of tenancies in this state. They provide free impartial telephone advice to tenants and landlords alike; they are the agency with which tenants' security bonds must be lodged by the landlord, and they also offer a tribunal for resolving any disputes.

      There is a lot of information on their website - and it is probably overwhelming to try & read all of it, but at the very least, the following links contain the most relevant information for those wishing to enter into a rental agreement:

      Renting Basics

      Information Brochure

      Fixed Term Lease

      If you have any questions at all, ask away - there are at least a few landlords here, and quite a few past and present tenants, so a great pool of experience to be had from both sides of the fence!
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      We'd never rented before we came to Australia, and I was naive as to the legal ins and outs (even as a lawyer by trade!) here so def worth looking at the OCBA guides, because things are different here anyway. AN English friend I saw last night has been in Adelaide 20 yrs but went back to the UK for a year and they rented there, but there were big differences for them, like in UK you have to pay council tax, here you don't pay rates...

      The weirdest thing about looking is basically you get a 15 min open inspection time for looking round and that is all in terms of making your decision. So make a list of the things that are important to you before you go to the inspection, so that you can check for them there and then cos you don't get a second bite of the cherry.

      On top of that, make sure you've got fantastic references etc ready to go before you do the applications, so you can submit a good application easily, and don't apply for more than one at once because they all purport to be legally binding so you COULD end up liable for an application you are accepted for even if you don't want it cos you've taken another. Some people don't mind the risk, I do. :)

      We discussed applications a while ago, and I listed my application thoughts here: http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...tml#post161032

      Worth reading that thread anyway.
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