• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Six It

      Flinders Uni area

      Ok.. so i am in the process of setting up a part time masters at Flinders.

      I am only going to be in the country for approx 4 months a year for 2 years ( heading back to Chch in between)

      What i am wondering is if you can get furnished Uni digs around the Uni.. or at the halls or something. I dont want to have to furnish a room/flat for such a short time.

      Now obviously i will have to bring some of my own stuff.. but if i can avoid whiteware and beds and desks etc.. that will make this strange adventure of mine go a bit cheaper?

      Any ideas?


      Six It

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      Six It
      ok.. so i may have sorted my quesrion.
      a very helpful chat with someone at Flinders put me on to a website for student digs for 4 months.. and even a suggestion of Halls of residence

      re the Halls.. i may just have to give that one a miss.. i dont think i could go back to living in one of those again ( i had the "pleasure" of being a warden in one for a few years... every year the students were 18 and every year i was a bit older and just not seeing the fun of setting off fire extinguishers at 2am so tha we all had to evacuate..!)

      Six It



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