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      jeannie oxford

      holiday rental needed

      first time on here! we have commenced the pr visa process and are coming to adelaide for 3 weeks on 16 feb 08. we need to rent a nice place preferably with a pool. we are 2 adults and an 11 yr old boy. we need to check out high schools for the boy, hospitals for me (im a gynae nurse) and jobs for hubby(who is a welder).can anybody help? we really need to get a feel of the lifestyle so our boy is comfortable with this life changing move. hes ok about it - just nervous but we are all very excited.

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      Hi there
      Might be worth having a look on
      or our website below.

      Good luck

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      Hi there we arrived on the 31st October - hubby is a nurse (i am a midwife but haven't yet got registration with th NBSA so I am unable to work at the moment). My hubby started his job at Wakefield Hospital on Monday and is really enjoying it. He said that he was really made to feels welcome and the hospital has a really friendly feel about it. Friday is scone day so the chief exec provides scones and tea/coffee for all the staff (free). Andy thought that there was a catch but apparently not! I have a friend that works at the womens and Childrens hospital too and she really enjoys it there. I dont think that you will have a problem with finding a job - infact I think that your hand will be snapped off. The agencies seem to have a lot of work and pay very well so you could maybe start with one of those and figure out where you wanted to be before applying for something permanent. We stayed in at www.roorentals.com.au and were made to feel very welcome in a beautiful home with everything that you would need to make your stay fantastic, try www.downunderrentals.com.au too - I would try to book something asap as they do get booked up very quickly.

      Good luck with everything - its the beginning of a roolercoaster ride - Enjoy!

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      jeannie oxford
      hi there, took your advice and have now provisionally booked a house in hackham west, just got to get to the bank to secure it- when i get a day off work! i work in women and childrens health and really enjoy it. am going to take a look at the hospital when im there in feb. also going to check schools out and look at lots of different areas to live. any MUST DO's while we are there? got 3 weeks in adelaide.really want to look at high schools for the boy - any recommendations? also, havent got a clue where to start looking at property but im sure we'll get a feel for it when we are there? jeannie

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      jeannie oxford
      i lied, its huntfield heights - dont worry sas! im still tired! jeannie

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      I will let you off Jeannie - catch up soon. There are lots of things around to help persuade your lad to move here - also have plenty of opinions on schools etc because I chat to all the mums at kinde, although I don't need to worry about high schools yet. Did you friend actually touch Becks?

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      jeannie oxford
      no but he breathed the same air as him! thats good enough for me.
      im at work again! finish today at 12.30 for 1 week. yee hah! im soooo tired. going out for xmas lunch this aft with family. going to hit the hot toddies and get put to bed - probably about 7pm. x-factor final tonight so got to hold it together until then.
      hope the garage sale goes well, dont get rid of your garden furniture, i need to sit out in feb. catch you later, jeannie x


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