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      Cool Renting long term ??

      We are looking to rent in March when we come over but wondered how it works if we secure a rental for a year but then end up buying a house a few months in ?? How easy is it to sub-let (with a contract) ?? until the end of the year lease ??

      Would you end up losing your bond if you can't find someone else to take the rental on ?? or are the agents helpful in securinfg someone else ?? I understand you would still have to pay a re-let fee and administration fee ??

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      We broke our contract of one year after six months. We had to pay the agent a fee to readvertise and pay the rent for the weeks that it was empty (approx 6 weeks). The agent was unable to find a new tenant so the landlord agreed to drop the rent, we had to pay the difference between our original agreement and the new rate for the entire 6 months left on the contract. In the end it probably cost us approx $4,000 to break our lease but we weighed up all the pros and cons and decided that we wanted the house (which has probably gone up that much already). Got our bond back within about a week of the new tenants moving in. Would advise against subletting because you are still responsible for the property and this could end up costing you far more than the agents fees.
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