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      Renting a property out in the uk.

      Hi guys

      We have our house on the market at the moment and once we have sold it we would like to save some of our money we get in the uk. The only problem being is uk bank accounts don't work. I have been considering buying a buy to let property but our estate agent has told us it's not possible as we won't have an address. I was wondering if anyone eles has had this problem and if so how did you over come it.
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      Not sure what you mean. We kept our UK bank account open when we moved to Oz no problem and now we are back in the UK we still have our Oz one.

      Mind you interest rates are better in oz.

      Talk to your current bank, you just need to inform them and it should be OK. Use internet banking to do everything. Sometimes they need you to sign a fax indemnity form so if need be you can fax instructions to them.

      Don't take advice on banking from an estate agent!

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      Why not just release some equity in your existing house and get a new buy to let mortgage.
      Thats what we have sorted out and just gave a correspondence address as my parents we had everything sorted in 4 weeks.
      Pm me if you would like the number of our mortgage advisor.



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