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    Thread: Glenalta/Flagstaff Hill and Surrounds

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      Glenalta/Flagstaff Hill and Surrounds

      I have been doing a lot of research into the different areas and always seem to be drawn to properties in Glenalta, Flagstaff Hill and surrounding areas. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information about these areas (commuting times/schools/kindy/distance to beach etc).

      I specifically was wondering about the risk of bush fires and if they eve come this close to the city boundaries. Also as it appears to be so lush and green are there lots of bugs and mosquitos...I always get bitten really badly and if there is a high presence, life could be pretty miserable if we settle in this location!?


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      I only have knowledge of the Flagstaff Hill area - there are a couple of Kindys, and primary schools in the area - as for opinions on them, I think people look for different things with their childrens education and the best thing is to look around when you visit/arrive and make your own mind up. High schools - there are high schools in the surrounds, probably a bus journey away, it is quite a sprawling suburb, so a bike ride might be an option dependant on where you are living. To the beach it is about 10-15 minutes. Commuting - not sure where you are travelling to, so can't comment on that one really.

      Bush fire risk is definately a factor in the summer, and it is classed as a high risk area. In the event of a severe fire, there are lots of routes you could take to leave your home. I wouldn't rule it out because of that though, there are many areas this could apply to. There are gully winds in a lot of areas of Flagstaff Hill and this seems to keep the mossies away most of the time, and makes for cooler summer nights. I would say, if you always get bitten, you still will do a lot, but your reaction to the bites should dull.

      It is about 10 minutes from Westfield Marion, 15-20 minutes from Centro Colonades, and there are numerous small shopping hubs nearby. Flinders Medical centre is less than 10 mintues away.

      Hope some of that helps

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      cornish Busdriver
      I drives buses around that way.
      Commuting is very good with the train and local buses 195, 196, 600, 601.
      It is very very nice up around there, look at "hawthorn dean" as well just watch put for the wildlife lol lol

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      Thanks for the info. I think I'm definataly more interested in Glenalta, Hawthordean, Belair type of area...so v expensive properties but some really big houses on a reasonable budget that we hope to be able to afford...but if its a high risk of bush fire and there are lots of mossies that might put paid to that idea! Can't wait to see for myself. Long wait yet!

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      Hi Clare - we have lived in Blackwood which is only 5 minutes drive from Belair for the past 3 years and can honestly say that we don't have much of a problem with mosquitos etc. There is a risk of bushfires, but we have never witnessed one yet - despite the temperatures being a hefty 45oC during the summer when we first arrived. PM me if you'd like more info on the areas you mentioned.

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      I looked at your post because I am looking to advertise my house for rent in 2012 (going around OZ for a year with our 2 kids 7 & 9) and I live in Belair (2 minutes from Glenalta). We are born and bred in Adelaide and love Belair for the reasons you are looking. We get to escape the city (only 10 minutes away) and live in the hills with gum trees and all the typical Australian wild life. We regularly have kookaburras, koalas and live very close to Belair National park (5-10 min walk) close to Glenalta which a lot of people visit/ run/ walk/ ride/ playground...lovely walking trails, emus, kangaroos, lake....we LOVE it!...check the website!

      To answer your questions:
      -Belair, Glenalta, Blackwood, Coromandel Valley are all within the same area (10 minutes total radius). Belair is closest to the city on the fringe/ ridge of the hill and is well known and quite prestigious. I personally think Belair is better positioned than Glenalta because we are not in the valley section and are further from the train line (can be noisy at night..but we rarely hear it). Glenalta is closest to BElair NAtional Park and both are very close to Belair Primary School (easy walking distance on relatively flat ground).

      -Flagstaff Hill, Aberfoyle Park, Happy Valley are further away again...another 10 minutes past above suburbs the back way through the hills, or access via other main roads. Quite a few UK immigrants have settled in all of these areas...my best friends moved here 3 years ago, live in flagstaff Hill & love it there too (cheaper real estate, but sl further away) Lots of families in these suburbs choose to drive further to send their kids to Blackwood primary school and city Private colleges.

      -All hills areas are a bushfire risk in summer! We all choose to still live here with well developed warning systems in place. We know on any given day via news reports the day before what level of risk to expect and schools are well prepared. This would be a very unlucky occurrence but we all love it up here too much to worry more than we need to.

      -Unfortunately mosquitoes are a bit the same...if they are present they will be present everywhere. They tend to mainly be present at dusk and on warmer nights...we all get used to having mozzie candles out and mozzie spray on.

      Just in case you are interested in our Belair home, we will be renting it out from January 2012 and hoping to rent it fully furnished. It is a 3 bedroom (large rooms) + study bungalow, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, heating, cooling, 1000sqm relatively flat block fully fenced. Trampoline, sand pit, swings, LOVELY quiet/ friendly neighbours. We are within 5 minutes of JEssie Brown kindergarten, 5 minutes from Belair Primary School (fantastic school), 5 minutes from the train (Pinera station) direct to the city (but we dont hear it). The bus stop directly outside our front fence takes you into the city (but again we rarely hear the bus). We have St Johns grammar secondary college across the road (not noisy). The city is seriously 10 minutes drive down beautiful windy point road (Adelaide scenic look out...1 minute from our house). Seacliff and brighton beaches are 10-15 mins away down shepherds hill rd or oaklands road. Glenelg beach (most tourists hear of this one) is 20 mins from us but we prefer Brighton. Most people up in our area shop at the huge MArion Shopping Centre 10 mins away (even has 30 cinemas!!) Please let me know if you want any pictures emailed to you...I even have a little video clip of about 15 kookaburras singing in my back gumtrees last month!! PS we regularly have koalas too!

      In summary this area is LOVELY, all of those first mentioned suburbs are in a real little community feel area and you can stay 'up the hill' for all of your general needs.

      Good luck with your decision making,

      Kirsty (My whole family are Scottish, so I'd love to help you!!)
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      Hi Kirsty,

      what a great reply, I want to be there now! I do think this sounds like the kind of area we are looking for as a family and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to explore for ourselves. I was also looking at the primary schools today and Belair looks likes it a really good little school. I did check out the park too...again looks fab. Your descriptions are really helpful in understanding with is around locally and just gave me a real sense of the place...everything close to hand and within walking distance, which is a bonus as I don't want to be tied to a car all the time. I very much doubt that we will be in Adelaide by January (that would be my ideal scenario but logistically is unlikely), but I very much appreciate you making me aware that you may a house available to rent. I can keep you posted as our visa is processed.

      I hope plans for your trip are going well...what a great adventure for your family! Kookaburras and koalas in the garden...our boys will love it! We might just have to learn to live with the mossies!

      thanks so much, Clare

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      Hi Kirsty,
      Will your house still be available to rent in January 2012?

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      The mossies aren't as bad as the Scottish midges and I'm have less trouble with them now (tea tree oil helps as a deterrant and if you do get bitten 'Soove' takes the itch away quickly)
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      Hello, Yes Kirsty is right on the money in regards to Belair to Flagstaff Hill, all great suburbs and all have excellent facilities. Also the living in Flagstaff and commuting is also correct, we do this now and what we like about it is that our suburbs are pretty quiet compared to those off the hill ( other than Blackwood which is pretty busy at times being the shopping hub ) My son goes to Blackwood High and daughter a bus ride down the hill and its excellent. Been in Flagstaff 20 years and selling to build in here again in the next few months, so if you are interested in buying, email me direct and I can offer some information. We are on the back of the FH Golf Course, short stroll to shops and schools and in a quiet location. Mosi's and bugs are in all suburbs, not just the hills, however fly screens etc... keep these at bay. Fire concerns, less in F/Hill than others, depending on which side of Blacks rd you are on, no fires for as long as I have been here in any of these suburbs.

      Kirsty, if they are not interested in renting your place, it would be perfect for us.


      Bruce C


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