• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Another short term rental worth a look is http://www.kprentalsinoz.com/

      Lisa :D

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      Have tried emailing the adeladians but no reply twice :shock:

      KP Rentals look good and we will use them if we can't get OAA in April.

      Lisa :D

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      Hi Everyone,

      Sorry don't know why the email didn't work. Have PM you with the details.

      Our rental is $520 per week which includes everything!

      There are plenty of cheaper options out there but remember you will most likely have to lock yourself into a 12 month contract. Also normal rentals you will need to have your own furniture and pay for electricity, gas, phone and internet contection plus usage. This is all included in the rent we charge so there is no extra to pay.

      If you would like anymore information please let us know we are happy to help.

      Kind Regards,

      Sonia & Andy

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      donna T
      Hi Lisa

      They e mailed me with the prices once I had posted the last message - I think it was $550 per week. It sounds quite expensive but I haven't looked into alternatives yet so don't have much to compare it too yet.

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      Hi Donna

      Got a reply today eventually from Adeladians!! You have to stay for 3 months minimum as well plus pay a bond so more like long term rental which is no good for us . Don't want to be tied that long to somewhere we haven't seen so may go with KP Rentals if we don't get OAA til we can find our new home as they can be booked by the week :D

      There are loads of apartments and caravan parks we are looking into as well which are good 'on arrival' alternatives when you first arrive and finding a house to rent or buy.

      Lots here - http://www.adelaidebound.com/accommodation.html


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      Hi Lisa

      Do let me know what contact you make regarding rentals etc

      Its always best to shop around especially as I don't know which part of Adelaide I want to be in yet !! :?: :?:
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      Update on our rental in Seaview Downs

      Hi All,

      We have found that most of our tenants prefer to rent the property with broadband internet so unlimited broadband internet is also now included. As most people have their own computer the rent has now been reduced to $500 per week with everything but without the computer.

      Kind Regards,

      Sonia & Andy



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